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Pool coping pavers: Enhance the beauty and safety of your pool area

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Are you finally going through with the swimming pool project you’ve been dreaming of for years? We’re glad to hear it! Whether you’re designing a pool from scratch, or remodelling the one you already have, the materials you chose are going to be key in ensuring your project is a success!

At this stage, you’re probably scrolling Pinterest looking for swimming pool design ideas. If you’ve already found your idea, then you’re probably starting to look at materials for your project. One of the most important materials you’ll choose for your project is a pool coping paver. What is that you may ask? Coping pavers surround your swimming pool and act as a protective cap at the top of your pool wall. Selecting the right coping pavers is essential in ensuring the success of your project. In this article, we’ll establish why pavers for pool coping are important and show you an array of different options that could work great for your swimming pool design! Let’s get started!


What are pool coping pavers and why are they so important? 

In swimming pool designs, pool coping pavers refer to the pavers used to cover the top of the pool wall, where it meets the ground. They actually cover the bond beam, which, in inground pools, usually has exposed steel. To ensure everyone’s safety, it’s therefore best to have that layer of protection on top.

Coping pavers around your pool also allow you and your children to enter and exit the pool safely, reduce the risk of slipping and keep surrounding water, grass and debris from entering the pool and causing potential damage. Esthetically, it also gives your pool a more polished look and allows you to get creative with some modern and sleek pool coping pavers! At Techo-Bloc, we offer a large selection of pavers for pool coping! This step doesn’t have to be boring! It’s actually where you get to be creative and choose from a wide range of colours, materials, cuts and finishes to complement your overall swimming pool design. Let’s discover some of our favorite pool coping pavers together, shall we?


Bali Travertina Raw

To create this gorgeous swimming pool design, we used our Bali Travertina Raw pool paver coping. Not only are they stunning and truly mimic the texture of natural travertine, but they’re durable and can resist harsh climates. This particular coping paver also benefits from our latest Klean-Bloc technology, which means it has protection against stains, scratches and color fading! You’ll particularly enjoy its rounded edge, as it makes it easier and more comfortable to enter and exit the pool and keeps kids from scratching themselves! Our Bali Travertina Raw is also offered in 3 colours, offering you complete design flexibility. To complete the swimming pool design, pair this pool paver with our Travertina Raw patio slab


Bullnose Grande

The Bullnose Grande has been a homeowner favourite for years! This paver for pool coping is clean, simple and classic which means it works with almost any swimming pool design. Its large, rounded edges also make it a popular choice for safety reasons. Children and adults alike can comfortably enter and exit the pool from any side! This coping paver is also available in two colours and is a go-to in modern landscape projects! To complete the design, we love pairing this pool paver with our blu patio slab collection

MAIN-pool-coping-Bullnose-Grande-couronnement-de-piscine-F_V2_2020-CA065_DSC7338 (1)

Raffinato Smooth

If you love modern and sleek landscape design, you’re going to love our Raffinato Smooth coping paver. Our Raffinato Smooth line extends from pavers for pool coping to patio slabs and everything in between, allowing you to create a sleek, modern exterior, from the back patio door, all the way to the pool. Raffinato Smooth is offered in 2 thicknesses and 6 colors, giving you complete freedom in design! We love pairing this pool paver with our Industria Smooth patio slab. The perfect mix for a modern landscape project!

modern-wall-caps-and-pool-coping-Raffinato-Cap--couronnement-et-contour-de-piscine-moderne-F_V2_2020-CA060_DSC3471 (1)

Sandstone Bullnose

Many homeowners have been asking us over the years for a natural stone paver. Why? Because natural stone pavers are aesthetically pleasing,low-maintenance, and most importantly, durable! For those reasons, we decided to listen to our homeowners and create a natural stone paver! Introducing our ethically sourced Sandstone Bullnose coping paver from the Natural Sandstone Collection. This pool paver coping goes beyond aesthetics! Its rounded edge makes getting in and out of the pool a breeze, while its light color will keep the stones cool to the touch! Perfect for hot summer days by the pool! Because of its sleek texture, this pool paver can be paired with just about any one of our pavers and patio slabs. However, we particularly like it with our Para patio slab



The Pacific Cap is the ideal pool paver coping for those looking to spruce up their swimming pool! Designed to be paired with our Pacific overlay system, it’s the perfect solution to upgrade any exterior space. As with many of our other pavers for pool coping, our Pacific Cap is user-friendly due to its rounded edges. If you’re looking to modernise your landscape design, this coping paver is for you!



For more swimming pool design inspiration, discover our virtual 2023 landscape catalog on the Techo-Bloc website! In it, you’ll find all of our coping pavers and more project pictures to help you create your vision! Once you’ve found it, find a local contractor and get started on the project of your dreams!  


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