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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Financing Your Landscape Project

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If you’ve attended a recent family gathering or BBQ, you might have overheard some of your friends or family members talking about undertaking significant home renovation or investing in landscape projects. This might have you thinking; should you be tackling your own renovation plans you’ve been putting off for so long?

While you want to keep up with the Joneses, you begin to re-evaluate your own needs and realize that your current landscape renovation budget might not allow you to get the landscape of your dreams with your savings alone. Luckily, financing your project is a possibility and has great advantages. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider financing your landscape project:

1. Plan your project more efficiently 

As you begin your renovation project with authorized financing from one supplier, you get approved pricing for all of your plans from the get-go, instead of dealing with multiple suppliers throughout the years where prices may fluctuate. This means that you can count on the same landscape contracting company to provide quotes, whether it be for plumbing for your pool or water features in your backyard, the gas line for your fire feature, the installation of your steps, etc. Our Pave Now, Pay Later payment option allows you to collaborate with certified landscape professionals to plan out the execution of the project of your dreams without cutting corners, and by staying on budget.

2. Complete your project in one go

Who wants to spend the next few years staring at an incomplete project? This might be the case if you’re dealing with different companies and if one of them is experiencing a delay. By getting the materials from one place, you can bet on a steady quality of work. You’ll also ensure that your design looks consistent as it will all be done by the same crew. By signing a contract to have all aspects of your landscaping project done by one supplier, you also avoid the risk of the product you love being discontinued.

3. Don’t compromise on features 

Get the landscape of your dreams by choosing a vendor that meets all your needs. Check out these features you might want to consider:

Fire pits with Warming Trends burner 

Considering a gas-burning fire pit? While they are more expensive to install compared to a wood-burning fire pit, they are faster and easier to light and turn off as you simply need to push a button. As they are easier to control, you won’t need to worry about flying sparks. This makes them a safer option and since they are clean-burning, say goodbye to smoke in your face! Our fire pit kits also come with the option of a Warming Trends burner , which are known to produce a better fire with less gas. If you’re fond of traditional design, check out our Prescott fire pit. For modern design lovers, have a look at our Raffinato fire pit.


Fire pits Prescott fire pit

Featured product: Prescott fire pit 

Outdoor kitchens 

If you love hosting but don’t want to miss out on the party, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect place to gather with your friends and family while remaining in the middle of the action. While your guests are relaxing, you can cook it up using one of our pizza ovens, grill islands, or design a custom-made kitchen. Explore our fully functional outdoor kitchens.


Outdoor kitchen_Graphix wall

Featured product: Graphix wall 


Poolside bar built with one of our many retaining walls 

Who doesn't dream of having a poolside bar in their backyard? The Brandon retaining wall offers a classic look and feel with the aesthetic appeal of brick garden walls to match a traditional landscape. The best part is that it’s easy to install thanks to its double-sided, interlocking retaining wall system. It can be used to build a retaining wall for raised planters in your backyard, protect against soil erosion, or to subtly separate spaces in your landscape design. If you prefer a more polished, modern look, check out our Raffinato wall. Note that custom kitchens and water features can also be built using retaining walls.


Water feature 

Complete your backyard oasis by adding a water feature such as a waterfall fountain that falls into your pool or your pond. Enjoy the sound of trickling water and add a soothing element to your landscape project. A water feature can also help you drown out the sound of urban surroundings if you live in the city.


Water feature Raffinato wall

Featured product: Raffinato fountain 

Why choosing Techo-Bloc to finance your next landscape project can make all the difference 

For over 30 years, we’ve worked hard to maintain our reputation as one of the leading landscape product manufacturers in the world. At Techo-Bloc, we not only take pride in providing top-tier products and lifetime warranties but also in the service that we offer our customers. Learn more about the Techo-Bloc Advantage.

We have established our Techo-Pro and financing programs to support our clients at the design, development, and funding stages of their landscaping projects.

The Techo-Pro program is based on the fact that we work with highly-skilled certified Techo-Bloc contractors, also called “Techo-Pros” to do each job, and ensure that they meet the following criteria:

Must follow installation methods and techniques that meet our standards  Remember that customer service and satisfaction is a top priority  Prioritize crew training and job site safety  Must possess a minimum of 2 years experience in running a successful business  Must possess a strong desire to learn and grow  Must have a history of quality workmanship and testimonials from homeowners 

Techo-Pros also offer financing options! We have partnered with local trusted banks because of their focus on home-improvement lending and proven track record of working with homeowners. To learn more about the advantages of hiring a certified Techo-Pro landscape professional, read our blog post.

Interested in financing your next landscape project? Learn more about our Pave Now, Pay Later Financing Program.


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