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6 ideas to add outdoor steps into your landscaping design

Published by Publié par Daphne Dubois on le Jun 14, 2024 2:00:00 PM

Stepping stones are an important part of a landscape project. They allow one to make their way with ease and cleanliness, all the while acting as the finishing touch to a proper landscape design.

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A landscape’s true success lies in the details: the finishing touches that tie the whole project together. By themselves, they may go unnoticed, but together, leave an impactful impression.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered 6 steps landscaping ideas to inspire your upcoming landscape renovation. Let’s get started.

Maya: The Natural Stone Lookalike

For our traditional design lovers, a natural stone lookalike concrete path is the way to go! It is a wonderful way to enhance the English garden feel you’re trying to create in your backyard. Whether you’re trying to connect your patio to the fire pit in the back of your yard, or paving the way in your quaint, enchanted garden, a natural stone textured concrete stone walkway is the ideal choice for you!

Take our Maya stone, for example. This slab creates highly decorative stone walkways that compliment the natural surrounding environment and provide your garden or backyard with a sense of tranquility and peace. Not only is this landscape stepping stone visually appealing, but it is de-icing salt resistant and can withstand harsh freeze-thaw climates.

Enjoy the look of natural stone without all the maintenance! Don’t forget the finishing touches to your traditional landscape design!


Our natural stone look-alike Maya stepping stone

Featured product: Maya stepping stones  


Achieve Complete Versatility With Aberdeen

For complete versatility in design, we suggest you opt for a steps landscaping idea that offers a natural stone inspired texture, but with a modern twist. That way, you don’t necessarily have to incorporate it into a traditional landscape design.

Take our Aberdeen stepping stone, for example. Massive and luxurious, this slab’s sizes are packaged separately for full flexibility with your backyard design. Versatile in its landscaping design, the Aberdeen slab can look traditional by installing it in modular patterns, integrating all its sizes. You can also create a contemporary look by having it installed in linear patterns, achieved only with slabs of 20×30 or 30×10 independently.

Finally, if whimsical trends are what speak to you, lay the Aberdeen paver’s 30×30 units in a checkerboard pattern. Let your creativity run wild with our Aberdeen stepping stone path!


Our travertine inspired Travertina Raw patio slab

Featured product: Aberdeen patio slab 

Doesn't Get More Smooth Than Blu Grande!

Do you like to make a bold statement in your outdoor space? If so, opt for a large-scale stepping stone that will run through your landscape in a grand fashion. Whether you’re connecting your patio to your fire pit or your front yard to your backyard, a large stone walkway will draw the eye and become a statement in your exterior.

If this description matches your taste, might we recommend our Blu Grande Smooth slab? A favorite among contemporary design lovers, its smooth texture is sleek to the eye but rougher to the touch, which avoids it from getting slippery when wet. Available in six different colors, these stone steps will complement any exterior!


Our smooth and contemporary Blu Grande Smooth patio slab

Featured product: Blu Grande Smooth patio slab 


Channel The Great Outdoors With Borealis 

Channel the great outdoors with a wood lookalike stepping stone! Use the natural elements in your backyard to enhance its beauty and to connect one part of your landscape to another. This popular trend among rustic design lovers is now made easy with our Borealis stepping stones.

While the look of natural wood is gorgeous, it is impractical because it can warp over time. However, our Borealis stepping stones are indistinguishable from real wood and are maintenance free. That means no deck staining, wood-treating or wood-rotting, ever. Enjoy the great outdoors with a Borealis stone path.


Our wood look-alike concrete stepping stones

Featured product: Borealis stepping stones  

Contemporary Designs with Industria Smooth

For those of you working with a smaller landscape, we recommend you opt for a smooth textured and smaller scale stepping stone. As a rule of thumb, it is best to keep textures and colors to a minimum in small spaces, so as not to overwhelm the area.

That is why we recommend our Industria Smooth stone walkway. These simple, yet visually appealing large stepping stones will complement your small backyard without overtaking the space. Its smooth texture and six monochromatic colors allow you to get creative and to design the ultimate contemporary outdoor space!


Our sleek and contemporary Industria Smooth patio slab

Featured product: Industria Smooth patio slab 


Uniquely Textured Travertina Raw

Eclectic design is defined as being a mix of different colors and styles. With that in mind, it is important to select a stepping stone that will pair with the different materials and colors found in your landscape design when opting for an eclectic style. That is why we recommend a stepping stone similar to our Travertina Raw slab.

This stepping stone offers both a smooth surface and a travertine inspired texture, which beautifully balances and complements other textures found in the rest of your landscape. It is also available in three neutral colors, offering complete versatility in design.

Not sure what stepping stone will best suit your landscape design? You can’t go wrong with a Travertina Raw stone path!


Our Travertine inspired Travertina Raw patio slab

Featured product: Travertina Raw patio slab 


Now that you’ve found your perfect match, reach out to your local Techo-Bloc dealer to order samples or to learn more about the product itself.



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