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How To Create Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen

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The sun is finally out and we're ready to start the summer season! Nothing says summer more than outdoor barbecues and fun-in-the-sun afternoons with your loved ones. That being said, how about renovating your outdoor grill? Nowadays, outdoor kitchens are more than just rolling barbecue carts. They now, depending on the model, rival indoor kitchens. They can be as luxurious and as practical as you want them to be. You deserve a quality outdoor grilling island that matches your grill master capabilities. Now fire up the gas grill and discover these 6 amazing stone outdoor kitchen ideas for your next renovation!  

One easy yet highly effective way of aesthetically improving your outdoor area is through the construction of a retaining wall. Of course, these walls can be used as decorative elements or to build an area for planting. However, they can also be great for building an al-fresco outdoor kitchen too. Another way to go is to purchase a ready-to-use outdoor kitchen that still allows you to customize it to your personality. Not sure which road to go down? Keep reading to learn more!

1. Bring the indoors out... literally

Having a wall built outside can add heaps of value and beauty to your home. One of the ways retaining walls do this is through enclosing the area. This makes the outside of your property feel a lot cozier, but it also gives you a great solution when it comes to creating a custom outdoor grilling island. Everything is more private and gives you your own space to do what you do best: grill! It also gives you more counter space, which allows you to do all the cutting and seasoning outside. Homeowners are looking to bring the indoors out nowadays and this stone outdoor kitchen addition allows for just that! 


Raffinato Smooth backyard outdoor kitchenFeatured product: Raffinato Smooth retaining wall 

2. Style options are limitless 

The luxury of custom pieces means you get to adapt them to your personal style. Say goodbye to the one-style-fits-all rolling barbecue cart and hello to an outdoor kitchen that matches your personality! At Techo-Bloc, we offer an array of products that range from modern all the way to rustic. Not only can you choose between our colors, but you also can select products based on texture and scale, giving you complete flexibility when it comes to customizing your gas grill. The sky is the limit! Opt for an edgy, modern wall like our Graphix wall, or go the warm, rustic route by selecting our Borealis wall. Either way, the choice is yours!


Our Graphix backyard outdoor kitchenFeatured product: Graphix retaining wall 

3. The ultimate dining experience

One of the best things about using a retaining wall for an outdoor grill design is that it segments areas off, so you can create an area for those who are going to be eating, and then you can create a sectioned off space for the cook too. What better way to re-create the indoor dining experience? You can either add a bar countertop wall pictured below for more casual dining, or add a dining table off the gas grill for a more formal dining experience. Why not both? The whole point of outdoor living is to make it as practical and comfortable as the indoors. Summer is meant to be enjoyed all day and night! 


Our Brandon backyard outdoor kitchenFeatured product: Brandon retaining wall 

4. Add some bells and whistles

And, what about all of the amazing outdoor kitchen additions you can purchase nowadays? From clay ovens to pizza ovens, there are so many different options to choose from. Not only can these items become statement pieces in your backyard, but they produce the most delicious foods that simply cannot be achieved via a conventional oven. Longing for that trip to Italy you've always dreamt of? Fire up your pizza oven and be transported to Naples or the Amalfi Coast! Taste the world through your outdoor grill! 

To enhance your outdoor cooking experience, think of incorporating other cooking elements into your outdoor kitchen, such as a garden. Grow some herbs and veggies that you can throw on the gas grill for some delicious sides. A meal tastes so much better when it has been grown from home! 

  Forno: our Italian-inspired outdoor pizza oven

Featured products: Raffinato Smooth retaining wall and Forno pizza oven 

5. Add a pinch of warmth and comfort

In the spirit of bringing the indoors out, connecting your outdoor stone kitchen to a fireplace can be an easy way to add comfort to your space. Like a kitchen that overlooks a living room, this addition will tie in both features together and create a large room for you and your loved ones to gather. Bonus for you, while you're cooking for everyone, you can still be a part of the conversation happening around the fireplace. There's also a natural transition that happens after you eat, where you gravitate towards the fire for a late night drink or some roasted marshmallows for dessert. In any case, you'll be glad that you added a fireplace next to your outdoor grilling island.


Brandon: our backyard outdoor kitchenFeatured products: Brandon retaining wall and Forno pizza oven 


You see? Outdoor kitchens aren't just a one-size-fits-all feature anymore. With a little creativity, you can design a standout feature that will become the centerpiece of your backyard. Enjoy your customized outdoor grilling island with the family and make memories that will last a lifetime!  


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