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By Techo-Bloc • August 19, 2019

Create your Custom Outdoor Kitchen


There is no better time to consider the look of your garden or yard space than now. The longer you leave it, the more barbecues and fun in the sun you are missing out on. After all, nobody wants to sit in an unpleasant and unattractive outdoor area. 

One easy yet highly effective way of aesthetically improving your outdoor area is through the construction of a retaining wall. Of course, these walls can be used as decorative elements or to build an area for planting. However, they can also be great for building an al-fresco kitchen too. 


Privacy for socialising 

Having a wall built outside can add heaps of value and beauty to your home. One of the ways retaining walls do this is through enclosing the area. This makes the outside of your property feel a lot homelier and cozier, but it also gives you a great solution when it comes to creating a custom outdoor kitchen. Everything is more private and you don’t feel intruded upon – as you would if people were able to walk past your garden and see everything. This snug feel is a quality that is desired by many homeowners. However, it is just as important when entertaining your family and friends. They don’t want to feel random eyes on them! 


Style options are limitless

There are many different styles of walls available nowadays. You can choose between an array of different materials, sizes, colors, and designs, so the sky really is the limit in terms of how you want your outdoor kitchen to look. You can go for a contemporary and striking wall made from concrete. Alternatively, you can go for a warm, authentic and rustic vibe by opting for a faux-timber retaining wall using our Borealis wall. Additionally, stone walls offer a character-filled and creative option. 

One of the best things in terms of using a retaining wall for a kitchen design is that it segments areas off, so you can create an area for those who are going to be eating, and then you can create a sectioned off space for the cook too. 


Kit out your outdoor kitchen 

And, what about all of the amazing outdoor kitchen items you can purchase today? From clay ovens to pizza ovens, there are so many different options to pick from. Not only can these items become a feature in your garden, but they produce the most delicious food, which simply cannot be achieved via a conventional oven. 

You are also going to be opening up your garden, bringing you so many different design possibilities. Why not create an herb wall for example? This will make cooking a lot easier, as you will have all of the herbs you need nearby. However, it will also create a beautiful aroma in your garden too. 

So, if you are looking to achieve more with your outside space, why not create an outdoor kitchen and wow all of your family and friends?



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