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9 Amazing Walkway Ideas That You'll Love

Published by Publié par Daphne Dubois on le May 6, 2024 9:00:00 AM

Stone walkways are the red carpet of your landscape. They lead you and your guests to destinations unknown safely and with style. They, in many ways, set the tone for what can be expected out of your outdoor living space. 

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Walkway designs are a way for you to make a first and lasting impression. Greet your guests the right way with a walkway idea that expresses your unique style.

You can make a classic and timeless stepping stone walkway using traditional landscape stones. Alternatively, you can showcase your creativity with a unique design. Your guests will be discussing it long after they leave your home.

Check out these 9 stunning walkway ideas to enhance the exterior of your home!

1. Brick Pavers

Brick has been a favorite in landscape design for years. Its classic and timeless aesthetic is why it has been used everywhere from outdoor flooring, to masonry, to outdoor features, and more. Popular among traditional and rustic design lovers, this trend has shown no sign of slowing down over the years. Brick comes in various colors and patterns, offering endless possibilities for your walkway. It adds a unique touch to your outdoor space, setting it apart from others.

With that in mind, we at Techo-Bloc have designed a brick lookalike paver that offers you the same warmth and traditional look of a classic brick, but with more durability and resistance. In fact, our Mika paver is more resistant to pedestrian and vehicular wear and is de-icing salt resistant. Dress your brick walkway idea with our Mika paver


Mika Walkway

Featured product : Mika

2. Gravel

Gravel isn’t just for driveways. In fact, gravel is becoming more popular with homeowners because of the low maintenance it requires. Not only is gravel low maintenance, but it also lends a more sophisticated and clean look to any style home.

Gravel also comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and types. From lava rock, crushed granite, colored glass gravel, to the more commonly known river rock and pea gravel, there are no shortage of options on the market. You can also keep it simple by selecting a stone path that blends well with the gravel you have chosen or make it stand out by choosing a contrasting color.

Check out this side of house walkway idea, the homeowners selected our smooth Blu Grande patio slab as a stone pathway surrounded by textured gravel, which adds visual interest. They also chose the stay in the same color family so as to complement the gravel. Best of all, gravel is easy to install, making it the perfect DIY project for you! 


Blu GrandeFeatured product : Blu Grande

3. Modern Stepping stones

Looking to add a modern look to your backyard garden? Create a durable concrete walkway in your backyard using modern solutions like slabs for walkway stepping stone ideas. This will blend well with the surrounding natural elements.

These sleek additions not only enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space but also promise durability and low maintenance, while benefitting foot traffic. Take our Para slabs, for example. Their fine lines and ultra-smooth texture make them great options when considering walkway or sidewalk ideas.

Let these stylish pavers guide you and your guests through your property, effortlessly blending functionality with modern aesthetics.

Para walkway surrounded by plants

Featured product : Para

4. Patterns

To give your yard a modern look, arrange your pavers and slabs in patterns. This will make your walkway stand out. Laying down patterns was once reserved for interior design. However, homeowners are taking this indoor trend to their stone walkway ideas and creating gorgeous results.

The most popular pattern in landscape design is currently a herringbone pattern. The great thing about this pattern is that it offers much versatility. You can lay wide pavers and slabs in this pattern, or thin ones. It always guarantees a standout result.

Many homeowners and designers like to use our Westmount paver to create a herringbone pattern for their concrete walkways. Its lean and linear shape makes it a versatile option in landscape design, as well as a great pair for herringbone patterns.


Industria Walkway

Product featured: Industria 600x600 and Industria 150x150

5. Wood

Wood is the go-to material when looking to create a rustic walkway idea. Wood provides warmth, charm, and an overall coziness that is unmatched! Not surprising that many homeowners wish to add a wood walkway to their landscape.

However, wood is difficult to maintain and does not hold up well outdoors when exposed to weather and other elements. For this reason, we suggest choosing a concrete stone with a wood-like appearance. This will help you achieve the rustic charm of a wooden walkway without the need for extensive maintenance.

Might we introduce you to our Borealis patio slab for a front walkway? Almost identical to real wood, this patio slab will dress up any space and requires absolutely no maintenance. That means no deck staining, wood-treating or wood-rotting, ever!


Borealis Walkway

Product featured : Borealis

6. Large tiles

Modern design lovers agree: bigger is better!

The look of large, smooth walkway stones offers a clean, contemporary and sleek look to your outdoor space. They are eye-catching without being overwhelming. When chosen in a single-color palette, they allow the surrounding space to speak for itself.

Large-scale tile stones complement your backyard walkway ideas and allow your surrounding landscape and outdoor features to draw the eye. Modern design is subtle, clean and uncluttered. The picture below showcases this beautifully. The large, sleek, monochromatic walkway tiles enhance the beauty of the surrounding landscape.


Patio with Industria Oversized Units

Featured products : Industria Smooth

7. Walkways with steps

Does your property contain multiple levels? If so, you might want to consider adding stone steps to your landscape walkway idea.

At first, some homeowners may consider just adding a paver walkway down the elevations of their property without the use of steps. However, adding steps to your patio walkway is safer and creates more structure in your backyard. Not only does a stepping stone walkway allow you to ensure a safe walkway for you and your loved ones, but it allows you to add an element of visual interest to your yard.

With an array of different stone steps and walkway slabs for you to choose from, the freedom to design is yours to claim. Mix and match your stone steps and walkway slabs for an eclectic look or keep it smooth and contemporary with matching textures and colors.


Raffinato Steps

Featured products : Raffinato steps

8. Textured Walkways 

When it comes to walkway landscaping ideas, let texture do all the talking on the design. Integrating unique surface finishes will not only create dimension but will also be a treat for your feet, like our Ocean Grande slab that lets you experience the feeling of sandy beaches.

You can also aim to enhance rather than distract. Adding Slate or Granitex textures to your walkway will make it non-slip for your guests, especially near the pool.


Ocean Grande

Featured products : Ocean Grande

9. Cobblestone

Cobblestone walkway ideas are another trend that has been around for generations. From gracing centuries-old castles to modern-day streets, cobblestone walkways will never go out of style.

If you’re looking to add a traditional touch to your outdoor space, cobblestone is an ideal option. Not only does cobblestone add charm to your exterior, but it also blends well with the surrounding elements, which means you can add it to any outdoor space.

For an extra layer of durability, Techo-Bloc has designed a concrete cobblestone paver that offers you more durability than the natural version. Our Villagio paver will withstand years of weather changes, pedestrian-traffic and vehicular-traffic. This paver is also offered in an array of colors, allowing you to add your personal flair to a traditional design.


Cobblerstone Pavers Villagio

Featured products : Villagio


Now that you’re inspired, discover the products that will help you lay down this walkway idea in our Landscape Catalog.



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