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How-To Choose the Perfect Product and Installation Patterns

Published by Publié par Jonathan Hendy on le Aug 28, 2017 1:32:40 PM

Want to design the best backyard ever?

Or maybe you’re ready to claim your neighbourhood’s title of best driveway and walkway?

The fact of the matter is that your landscape project doesn’t need to be expansive in order to stand out. 

When choosing an installation design pattern, the final decision has to make sense for your outdoor living space. Keep reading to learn to choose the perfect product and installation patterns for your exterior. 

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

When selecting a product, compare the size of the space to the size of your pavers or slabs. Generally speaking, smaller outdoor living spaces demand smaller slabs or pavers. The opposite is true for larger landscapes. Our Parisien and Antika pavers are popular amongst small backyard owners, and our Blu Grande and Para slabs are a hit among our larger space owners. No matter the size, we have the product to dress it! 

Primer_TechoBloc_Series2019_016_Para Squadra copy-1Featured here are our Para slab and Squadra paver 

Once the size of the pavers or slabs is decided then you can move on to texture. Is the desired outdoor living space more modern or more traditional? Are there long straight lines in the design or are segments smaller so as to divide the space? If you have long straight lines in your landscape design, opt for more of a modern looking product like Techo-Bloc’s Blu 60 Smooth or Aberdeen slabs. If the area is more traditional, consider Antika or Villagio instead. Bonus, all of our products come in a variety of colors, allowing you to up your modern or traditional game even further! 

Primer_TechoBloc_Series2019_026_Westmount Industria_6KFeatured here are our Westmount and Industria paver 

Resources You Need to Marry

Designs that are tailored for certain looks will really help narrow down your search. When in doubt, get inspired! Completed projects on Houzz are ideal for that, as are before and after pictures. Once you have selected a product to use, consult the manufacturers recommended installation patterns. Usually, the suggested patterns mix well with the style of design you are attempting to achieve. Next, think of adding a border (potentially one with a vibrant colour) so as to help define the space. Remember these tips when selecting your design pattern, but also remember to have fun with it. Ultimately, this space is going to be one you’ll enjoy for years to come, so make sure it reflects you!

Check out these patterns and product mixes we've created to help you conjure up some inspiration for your next project!

1. Classic with a touch of rustic 

Borealis-Travertina-MosaicFeatured products: Travertina Raw and Borealis patio slabs

2. Monochromatic Looks 


Featured product: Industria paver


3. Polished Casual

IndustriaMosaicFeatured product: Industria paver

4. European Inspired Aesthetic 

Squadra-MosaicFeatured product: Squadra paver

5. Contemporary Designs

Hexa-MosaicFeatured product: Hexa 60 patio slab

Now that you've selected the product, you need to choose how its laid down. Not only can a product be striking but so can the installation pattern. Depending on the style you have in mind, there are many different patterns you can choose from. Here are the ones we suggest. 

Linear Modern

Aberdeen 04.pngBlu Grande 03.pngTravertina Raw 04.png

Linear Traditional

Aberdeen 05.pngAberdeen 06.pngBlu 60 01.png


Blu 60 03.pngTravertina Raw 03.pngTux 04.png


Aberdeen 07.pngIndustria 01.pngTux 01.png


Blu 60 04 PARQUET.png


Antika 01 RANDOM.png


Blu 80 01 MODULAR.png

Flagstone Modular

Flagstone 01 FLAGSTONE.png


Parisien Circle CIRCULAR.png

Now that you're inspired, it's time to start planning your project! Follow the steps listed in our Backyard Planning Guide to ensure your renovation goes off without a hitch! 


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