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How to Design the Perfect Outdoor Patio Flooring

Published by Publié par Daphne Dubois on le Nov 15, 2020 10:00:00 AM

This year, homeowners have been getting reacquainted with their outdoor spaces and have embraced the term ‘staycation’. This has increased the amount of time that homeowners spend in their own backyards. Bringing the indoors out has been a trend for some time now, but it has never been more important than in today’s climate. The goal, when planning a backyard patio design, is to make it as practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible. It is, essentially, to extend the indoor home to the backyard. With that comes comfortable seating, indoor elements such as outdoor kitchens, bars, fireplaces, and even furniture. However, not many homeowners think of patio flooring as an integral part to an indoor-outdoor landscape design. In fact, patio flooring is key in setting the mood in your backyard. From different materials, to impressive colors, textures and patterns, there is so much that can be done with outdoor patio flooring! Let’s discover the options, shall we?

Step 1: Finding inspiration 

Before breaking ground, it’s important to have your vision set. What do you want your outdoor space to look like? You and your loved ones will be spending much of your time out there which is why it’s important to think of its design and how you want it to feel. To find inspiration, we’ve curated mood boards on our Pinterest account that are based on different styles, outdoor accessories, spaces, needs, and more. Our architects have also created a Mosaic’s Guide designed to help you dress your flooring in a way that is uniquely you. Mix and match materials, textures and colors for an outdoor patio flooring that standouts from the rest! 

Step 2: Choosing the materials

First, when planning a patio design, one must select the material for their outdoor patio flooring. Two main concerns come to mind when selecting a flooring option: style and durability. Many homeowners don’t believe that you can have both a stylish and durable flooring option. That is where we come in! Techo-Bloc has redefined what outdoor spaces should look like. Our pavers and slabs are just as gorgeous as they are resistant to outdoor elements. Let’s take a look at some of our contenders.

Brick pavers

Nothing screams quaint, traditional, all-American backyard more than brick pavers. Classic and versatile, it doesn’t get much better than brick! However, brick stones aren’t actually that durable through time. In fact, when exposed to harsh freeze-thaw climates, they can easily crack. With that in mind, we’ve designed a brick lookalike paver that offers you the look of traditional brick with added durability. Have peace of mind knowing that your investment will stand the test of time! Our Westmount paver in Merlot is a perfect option for a brick look! Install it in a herringbone pattern for the ultimate traditional landscape design! 



Featured product: Westmount paver

Composite deck

Wood flooring makes any space feel warm, cozy, elegant and timeless. That is why it is so commonly found in homes across the world! In the spirit of bringing the indoors out, homeowners are trying to bring wood flooring to their backyards, but are struggling with its resistance to outdoor elements. With that in mind, Techo-Bloc has designed a composite decking option that will bring your outdoor patio flooring dreams to life! Our Borealis patio slab is almost indistinguishable from real wood, but is maintenance-free and requires no deck staining, wood-treating or wood-rotting, ever. It is also offered in four alluring colors, giving you complete flexibility in design. Composite decks and manmade materials are less likely to crack, splinter, rot, or warp, so they won’t suck up time and money associated with upkeep. It’s really a win-win!



Featured product: Borealis Patio Slabs

Natural stone flooring

Looking for a classic stone look for your outdoor patio flooring? We hold a vast selection of concrete pavers and patio slabs that mimic the aesthetic of natural stone with added durability. Like brick, natural stones can crack over time with continued exposure to outdoor elements and foot traffic. Our concrete stones are de-icing salt-resistant and can withstand years of harsh freeze-thaw climates. Not only that, but they are also offered in an array of colors, offering you complete versatility in design! Our Blu 60 Slate and Blu 60 HD2 Slate patio slabs are ideal for homeowners looking to add a traditional, natural feel to their patio flooring. Natural and durable, who would’ve thought?



Featured product: Blu 60 Slate patio slab

Large-scale porcelain tiles

Large-scale porcelain tiles have been dressing floors for centuries. This timeless, elegant flooring option is usually seen as an indoor option. However, they can also be a great option for outdoor patio flooring. When trying to bring the indoors out, why not bring the attractive feel of a porcelain tile to your backyard? What many homeowners don’t realize is that porcelain tiles are durable, slip-resistant, weather-resistant and are easy to maintain, making them ideal for outdoor wear. The con, however, is that they are sold at high costs and are difficult to cut. If you’re looking for a practical porcelain stone lookalike option, check out our large selection of concrete pavers and slabs that play on the look of porcelain. Our Blu Grande Smooth and Industria 900x900 slabs, for example, are offered at a lower cost and are easy to cut, giving you complete creativity in design! These patio slabs also work really well with pea-gravel. Many homeowners space out the slabs and place pea-gravel in between to create the ultimate contemporary landscape design, as pictured below!



Featured product: Industria 900x900


Step 3: Playing with colors, patterns and scales 


Now for the fun part. Once the materials are chosen, you can focus on the design aspect. Again, many homeowners don’t think of outdoor patio flooring as a space where they can really get creative. When we think of patio flooring, we often think of wood decks or grey concrete stones laid side-by-side. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, here are some ideas that could spice up your backyard.

Getting creative with scale

The great thing with Techo-Bloc is that we offer a wide selection of pavers that are of different scales. They complement each other beautifully and give you the option to mix and match for unique landscape designs! Whether it be Blu Grande with Valet, Industria with Squadra or Parisien, the possibilities are endless. Many homeowners use small pavers to define the outline of a space, or to create original patterns within a larger paver. Some even use small pavers to create the illusion of a large paver, as pictured below. Mixing scales is the ideal way to showcase your creativity in your landscape design!  



Featured product: Squadra 


When it comes to irregular shapes, our Diamond paver takes the cake! Diamond is a contemporary, versatile paver that allows homeowners to create eye-catching patterns in their backyards. In fact, the Diamond paver can be installed in a classic herringbone pattern, checkboard, zig-zag, or cubic illusion patterns. Our Diamond paver brings a kaleidoscope effect to modern landscape design. Its standout shape paired with its selection of color options makes it one of the most creatively flexible modern-style pavers for backyards. If this shape is a little out of your comfort zone, use one color for the entire space. For example, our Diamond paver in Beige Cream is perfect for any monochromatic design. Yes, the shape stands out, but it is somehow subdued because of its uniform color. 



Featured product: Diamond paver 


Another great option when looking for irregular shapes is our Hexa patio slab. This outdoor patio flooring option will add a stand-out look to your backyard. You can dress your floor in one uniform color, or mix and match its colors to create a unique pattern. This six-sided, elongated gem provides a unique geometric look that blends seamlessly into outdoor spaces for the most sought-after style. Your backyard should reflect your unique personality. Be bold with our Hexa patio slab!



Featured product: Hexa patio slab


Now that you’ve found some outdoor patio flooring inspiration, check out our estimation tool to get a FREE estimate of your dream patio!




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