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How-To Light up Your Backyard

Published by Publié par Jonathan Hendy on le Nov 28, 2016 4:00:38 AM

Lighting; a seemingly minor detail that makes a major difference in any yard. Truthfully, although lighting is an important feature in terms of functionality, its also a crucial addition to your outdoor decor. Depending on your design style and hardscaping project, many outdoor lighting options may be available to you. 


1. Set the mood with candles 

Candles are a great option for anyone interested in a more romantic and soothing ambiance. Have children or pets? Don’t knock this option of your list just yet. Although these loved ones may have to be more careful around real wax candles, electric candles are an equally stunning and safer alternative. In fact, this substitute ensures that no wax fall on your pavers. For more details on candle friendly style guides, please consult our English Garden and Country Rustic pages.


2. Light up your space

Garden lights; perfect for walkways and grand gardens. These additions will light up your backyard once the sun calls it a day. Garden lights exist in both modern as well as traditional styles, and can be built into any walkway, outdoor step or pool side. Garden lights highlight details at ground level and, evidently, play a safety role in any backyard.


3. String lighting is the best lighting!

Outdoor string lighting is ideal for special events or if your tastes leave you longing for a French bistro look. Ultimately, they’ll leave you dancing under the stars all night long. For more details on outdoor string lighting friendly style guides, please consult our Euro Flair and Exotic & Eclectic pages.


4. Fire pits and fireplaces, oh my! 

Fire pits and fire places are great for any backyard, no matter how small or spacious. Select the ideal size for your space and get your marshmallows out. 


5. Built-in stone lighting

Outdoor lighting companies have gotten pretty savvy. Everything from outdoor LED lights that are built into your outdoor bar, to lights that light up your step risers for beauty and safety at night.




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