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If You Have a Pool, You Don't Need a Gym Membership

Published by Publié par Jonathan Hendy on le Jul 8, 2016 2:39:43 PM

Make your backyard your personal gym this summer. Swimming in your pool allows you to capitalize on an unmatched level of privacy while getting your dose of exercise built into your routine and working towards that sun-kissed glow.

pool-2.jpgFeatured product: Travertina Raw patio slab

Swimming is a great full body workout. In fact, swimming keeps your heart rate up, builds muscle, and increases endurance all while reducing pressure on overworked knees. This aerobic exercise is particularly successful in people who struggle with joint injuries. After all, an underwater workout will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle your day.

Here’s a cool video with some exercise tips for your pool workout:

Just remember, always put safety first. In order to prevent slipping and any other injuries, it’s important to establish a safe and secure poolside. Techo-Bloc offers round and smooth pool copings in a variety of colors. These stones’ edges curve seamlessly for a smooth, rounded edge to reduce sharp scrapes and deep cuts. Still curious about poolside safety and comfort? Take a look at our Bali Travertina, Bullnose Grande and Bullnose caps. They are all offered in a diverse collection of colors.


For a seat-warmer effect when you sit on the edge of the pool, you’ll want to opt for darker shades that soak up the sun on hot summer days.
Want something that’ll stay a little cooler? Consider lighter colours; your feet will thank you.




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