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6 Amazing Edging Stone Options for your Landscaping

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Every king or queen needs a crown, and every walkway needs the perfect edging stone to tie its pavers together. Like a frame to a picture, edging stones are used to outline flower beds, patios, and other landscaping elements, creating a polished and well-defined look that can instantly elevate your outdoor space.

Since your front yard is the first thing that welcomes visitors to your home and makes an impression on passersby, the edging stones you use for the walkway are like a red carpet to your front door. If you’re thinking of updating your walkway, driveway, or front yard, here are a few of our favorite models – we’ve got a style for every taste.

The practical side of edging stones

Edging stones are more than just a pretty face: when used to define a garden bed, they can also secure your bushes and flowers, preventing dirt and mulch from shifting when it gets wet (which, of course, happens all the time). 

They can also help contain your plants’ roots and prevent them from growing out of control, so you can avoid them interfering with the rest of your lawn. Finally, by creating a barrier between your flowers and your lawn, edging stones make it easier to mow without the risk of destroying your garden!

Borealis: earthy, rustic, and natural

Our Borealis edging stone combines the very best of the natural and synthetic world: it is designed to look identical to a piece of wood, while delivering the strength, durability, and staying power of stone. Inspired by the use of railroad ties in both traditional and modern landscape design, Borealis is available in three calming colorways that will bring you back to nature: gentle Hazelnut Brandy, soft beige and rich Smoked Pine.


Borealis edging stone in Hazelnut Brandy

Featured product : Borealis edging stone in Hazelnut Brandy

Raffinato Polished: sleek, minimalist, and timeless

It’s a look you’ll never get tired of: the Raffinato Polished edging stone is made of smooth concrete featuring fine aggregates within the stone for added visual appeal, not unlike polished granite. All three colorways – Beige Cream, Greyed Nickel, and Onyx Black – create an air of understated sophistication, accented by its elegant micro-texture and simple lines. Aside from lining your walkway or being used for garden edging, Raffinato Polished also doubles as a wall corner or pillar block. 


raffinatto edging stone

Featured product : Raffinato edging stone in Greyed Nickel

Röcka: natural, traditional, and earthy

The Röcka edging stone collection mimics the look of a rock you might find in nature: its detailed carvings and etchings deliver dimension and character in spades. Röcka is a larger stone with exceptional presence, and is therefore able to create a look that’s stately and elegant without being overbearing or gaudy. Its four colorways are guaranteed to please, from latte-inspired Baja Beige and Chocolate Brown to slate-grey Riviera and muted Rock Garden Brown.


Röcka edging stone in Riviera

Featured product: Röcka edging stone in Riviera

Avignon: classic, charming, and subtle

Frame your front walkway and garden with a simple and sophisticated touch. The slate textured Avignon is a slim-profile, multifunctional edging stone that’s a great pick for lawns, mulch beds, and interlocking pavers. Each of its colorways features some gorgeous marbling: Champlain Grey is a blend of warm grey, white, and beige, Chestnut Brown combines chocolate brown with paler hues, Sandlewood blends warm copper with wolf grey, and Shale Grey does grayscale right.



Featured product: Avignon edging stone in Champlain Grey

Pietra: textured, natural, and rustic

Our Pietra collection delivers all of the tastefulness and class of textured granite combined with the durability and versatility of stone. From your walkway to your driveway to your front yard’s flower bed, this rustic model is available in five gorgeous colorways so you can match it to your overall landscaping design with ease. Reach for Chestnut Brown or Sandlewood if you’re looking for warm browns, or go modern with Shale Grey and Champlain Grey.


Pietra edging stone in Champlain Grey

Featured product: Pietra edging stone in Champlain Grey

Brandon: exotic, textured, and zen

The Brandon edging stone is a crossover between minimalism and eclectic design. On its sides, the Brandon is perfectly smooth, and on the top, it features a zen texture that creates subtle rippling peaks from corner to corner. Take your curb appeal to the next level with one of this edging stone’s five colorways: Champlain Grey, Chestnut Brown, Chocolate Brown, Onyx Black, Sandlewood, and Shale Grey.


Brandon edging stone in Onyx Black

Featured product: Brandon edging stone in Onyx Black

Give your landscaping an edge

Choosing the right edging stone is one of many details to consider when putting together the perfect landscaping design. For more inspiration, flip through our Landscaping Lookbook, or discover our products based on your personal style


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