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Best backyard and driveway landscape renovations of 2020

Published by Publié par Daphne Dubois on le Feb 14, 2021 11:00:00 AM

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least! Although this past year presented us with many challenges, it also made many of us realize that sometimes, well, there’s just no place like home!

With many of us spending more time at home, homeowners have decided to invest in creating outdoor living spaces they could enjoy year-round. If we’re going to be spending more time at home, we might as well create an outdoor living environment we can all enjoy, right? Bringing the indoors out was a huge trend in 2020. Bringing the comfort, aesthetic, functionality of the indoors to the backyard was a goal that many homeowners strove to achieve. Others went as far as recreating their favorite tropical destinations in their outdoor spaces! Swimming pools were on the rise, as were thoughtful outdoor furniture and decor.

While we set sail on the year 2021, we want to look back on the projects that stood out in 2020. Projects that really encompass what this last year has all been about: staycation.


Extending the indoors

Travertina Raw slab in Rock Garden Brown

Featured product: Travertina Raw slab in Ivory


Part of creating an outdoor living experience is to bring the indoors out. Who needs the indoors when you’ve got everything you need in the backyard, right at your fingertips? This landscape project features a fully functional outdoor kitchen, with an integrated sink, fridge, barbecue and countertops. These homeowners also added some comfortable seating, coffee tables, plush cushions−everything you need to create a welcoming and cozy environment. On top of all of that, these homeowners added a built-in pergola and lighting, so they can enjoy their outdoor living space, day and night, rain or shine. The goal when creating an outdoor living experience is to extend the indoors to the backyard. These homeowners understood that. To dress the patio flooring, they chose our Travertina Raw patio slab in Ivory, the perfect complement to the surrounding design.


Embracing nature

Industria 600 slab in Greyed Nickel

Featured product: Industria 600 slab in Greyed Nickel


Creating an outdoor space that makes you feel like you’re in nature gained popularity in 2020. For this project, the mix of rocks, wood and limited greenery creates a desert retreat look that we love! If you live in a dry climate region, or have limited greenery in your yard, embrace natural elements such as wood and rocks to create a rustic landscape design that stands out! These homeowners created a campfire aesthetic by simply adding wood benches and a fire bowl. In addition, instead of paving the floor with a sleek patio slab, they laid down rocks to enhance the rugged, nature look. Our Industria 600 and Blu Grande Smooth patio slabs blend seamlessly with desert designs such as this one. Disconnect from reality and teleport yourself to a campfire in the middle of the desert with our wide selection of landscape stones.


It’s all in the details

Blu Grande Smooth patio slab in Shale Grey

Featured product : Blu Grande Smooth patio slab in Shale Grey


To create an outdoor living experience, one must not forget the details. These homeowners went above and beyond to ensure that they covered all their bases. They installed a fire pit and comfortable seating, a living room area for late-night conversations, a fully functional outdoor kitchen, and a dining room with a built-in fireplace. They even added swings to create a resort bar feel. The use of dark wood and rope in this landscape design makes it feel warm and inviting. By mixing our sleek, contemporary Blu Grande Smooth patio slab with our warm and highly textured Borealis patio slab, these homeowners recreated two important elements of a vacation getaway: a chic resort and a tropical paradise. Going the extra mile can be worth it when you’re spending more time at home! Add some details to make you feel like you’re on vacation, or at least, to make you forget that you’re home!


Make an entrance!

Diamond paver in Greyed Nickel and Onyx Black

Featured product : Diamond paver in Greyed Nickel and Onyx Black

This landscape project reminds us of the importance of making a grand entrance! In fact, your driveway is the first thing that people see, whether they’re stopping by for a visit, or just driving by in the neighborhood. It was once believed that there was only one way to pave a driveway: with poured concrete. Well, we’re here to put an end to that belief. There’s no reason your driveway should look like everyone else’s, so get creative with this part of your landscape! These homeowners chose to create a standout design with our Diamond paver. Not only that, but they chose to mix two of our colors to create an eye-catching pattern. 2020 was the year of creating landscape designs that reflect our unique style! Let’s continue that trend this year!


Let there be light!


Featured product : Blu Grande Smooth slab and Raffinato retaining wall


Lighting is an often-overlooked step when designing a landscape, which is a shame because it is crucial to creating a successful outdoor living environment. In fact, not only does it serve a practical purpose, it serves an aesthetic one as well. Strategic lighting allows you and your loved ones to enjoy your outdoor space safely after the sun goes down, but it also allows you to highlight certain features of your space. These homeowners understood the importance of good lighting. Their strategic landscape lighting really enhances the multiple elevations of their outdoor space, creating depth and dimension. Don’t overlook this step when designing your next outdoor space!


Simplicity is the best policy

Aberdeen slab in Azzurro

Featured product: Aberdeen slab in Azzurro

Sometimes, a little goes a long way. That can certainly be the case in landscape design. These homeowners chose to keep their design simple, with muted colors, little furniture and functional features. This landscape design exudes tranquility and peace−Feelings we could use a little bit more of right now. The oasis feel of this space is enhanced with the addition a seamlessly flush-to-the ground small dipping pool and attached hot tub. Installing a connected hot tub and swimming pool was also a trend in 2020 and we predict that this trend will bleed into 2021 as well. This landscape design features our Aberdeen patio slab, a classic slab that makes a bold statement with its texture and scale.

There you have it! We can't wait to see what projects make our list this year. Tag us on your social media pages or send us your project pictures at and we might feature you on our social platforms or even in our 2022 catalog!





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