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How to choose the perfect pavers for your driveway

Published by Publié par Julie Dionne on le May 3, 2019 2:02:39 PM

Are you buying a new home? Love everything about it except for the unsightly driveway? Or maybe you're already a homeowner, and you're looking to increase the curb appeal of your home.

Either way, driveway pavers can up your house's game in a hurry. Ditch the old, cracked concrete that constantly needs pressure washing. There are tons of cool driveway pavers out there that will take the face of your home from drab to fab in no time.

Keep reading for everything you need to know before you make your pick.

1. What Are Your Options?

Depending on your home's style, there's a driveway paver for you.
Typically, all different types of pavers have the same foundation: gravel and compacted sand. The top layer is where you get to have some fun. You can choose from cobblestone, concrete, brick, filetti, or Porphyry split stone styles, you name it.

2. Finding the Perfect Style

Cobblestone driveway pavers look particularly nice on a colonial or Spanish-style home. The cobblestone driveway pavers evoke that old-world feel, making your home look right off a postage stamp.

Concrete pavers give you all the durability of the usual concrete slab, with none of the drabness. They look particularly great when styled with grass peeking out in between, making your home look like it's nestled in the English countryside. Inspired by european cobblestone streets, the Squadra paver is great if you’re looking for a mini square paver 4×4 that has tight seams/joints and makes a large statement.


Featured product: Squadra paver 


Filetti pavers look great when laid thoughtfully. You can create a sense of movement in your driveway by laying them vertically, heading toward your front door.  Although this style has strong historical roots, it works seamlessly with both traditional and modern architecture. For the epitome of contemporary backyard looks and modern landscape design, the Linea paver is an ideal choice.


Featured product: Linea paver 


Porphyry split stone looks beautiful in Southwestern style or adobe homes. Its dark red color and matte finish create the perfect earthy vibe that pairs well with red rocks in the distance. The Antika paver’s unique shapes reduces the need for cutting and makes for an easy installation process. The free-flowing dimensions and manageable disposition of this paver allows for creativity in design for a unique and personalized driveway. Your neighbours will be jealous!


Featured product: Antika paver


Brick screams "classic." It also lends itself nicely to driveway patterns. Laying them in a herringbone pattern pairs beautifully with a white house with black shutters! Not a boring clay brick: our Mika’s a new-age take on the classic clay brick paver look. Perfect to match your home’s brickwork!


Featured product: Mika paver

3. Maintenance

The style of your new driveway is certainly important, but it's also essential to consider the maintenance and wear and tear of the pavers you select.

In your home, you have only to think about the wear and tear that a person can make to your stone. When it comes to your driveway, however, it's exposed to the elements and your vehicles.

Opting for a dark-colored paver is a great solution. It'll hide unsightly stains that are bound to come happen during your driveway's life. Gray pavers also darken beautifully when wet!

Featured product: Sleek paver


Thinking about how your landscaping pairs with your driveway pavers is also essential. You should hire a professional during the process to be sure that no roots are going to become an issue for your new driveway.


Featured product: Sleek paver


You also need to consider the inevitability of weeds growing up in between your pavers. Do you have a plan in place for getting rid of them? Or perhaps you like the overgrown look?


Featured product: Aquastorm paver

4. Are Driveway Pavers for You?

Ready to give your home a facelift? You'd be astonished at the difference a new driveway can make to your home's curb appeal. If you're buying, don't let a bad driveway keep you from getting into a great home!

Get in touch with us today for help designing and implementing your project. We love to talk all things renovation!




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