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7 unique ways to incorporate stone steps into your landscape design

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We often think of stone steps as a means to outline a walkway in our front entrance or our backyard, but there are many ways to incorporate them into your landscape design to give your space that fresh, modern, look and feel while remaining functional.

If you’re looking to freshen up the look of your patio, garden, or front entrance, stone steps could be an easy way to update your space. The best part? They’re low-maintenance and don’t always need to be designed in a straight line! Check out these 7 ways to incorporate stone steps in your next landscaping project:


Floating Steps In Pools

Thinking of updating the landscaping around your pool just in time for summer? Now is the time! Using floating steps in your landscape design can help you create a sense of continuity in an elegant way around your pool area. You can also use large slabs as stepping stones to connect different sides of your pool or interlock the surrounding landscape to create a seamless look.



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Steps Leading Down To Water

Whether you want an easy way to access the lake at your cottage or would simply like to outline the path to the waterfront on flat terrain, having a clear path defined by stone steps can make it safer, and more visually appealing.

Rocka Steps

Featured product : Röcka stone steps in Riviera

Building natural-looking outdoor stone stairs with large pre-cut concrete steps such as the Röcka or Maya outdoor stone steps can help you create an elegant pathway regardless of topography. They provide a wonderfully wide walking surface and even come in a variety of colors to blend perfectly with your natural surroundings.

For stone steps leading to water on flat terrain surfaces, check out our Blu Grande Smooth slabs which are perfect paving slabs for modern poolsides and backyard design. Their smooth texture is sleek to the eye but rougher to the touch which avoids them from getting slippery when wet. If you have a smaller space and would prefer smaller slabs, consider our Industria line. 



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Offset Steps

Instead of laying your steps in a regular linear manner, why not lay them slightly offset to create visual interest? You can reinvent the look of your garden steps or patio steps by opting for a look that stands out of the ordinary. These can be great if your yard is built on an incline and if there are multiple levels to manage. Adding a variety of moss, plants, and flowers also makes them blend in nicely with your garden décor.


Rocka offset steps

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Steps With Grass Inserts 

If your outdoor landscape includes a lot of greenery, or if you’d like to mix and match your sleek modern design with a more natural look, grass inserts in steps could be a great option if you were considering incorporating stone steps. They provide the benefit of preserving that green look and feel while adding functionality. They also add a warm element to your design while preserving a modern environment.



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Large Stepping Stones With Small Gravel

This look is one of our favorites, as it fits both the traditional and modern style of landscaping design. Large stepping stones with small gravel can easily be added to any space, and can be customized to fit styles of all kinds! Small gravel is also available in many different colors to match the surrounding landscape. It’s also a great way to blend your surroundings such as your garden, patio, or green space while subtly defining an elegant walk path in between those areas.


Blu Grande Walkway

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Large Platform Steps

Got a big surface to cover? Choosing large platform steps can help you achieve a unified vision across the entirety of your space while keeping a consistent image with the rest of your property. These can be used in your front entrance as well as in your backyard to complete your home’s exterior look altogether. Cover existing outdoor concrete porches, balconies, and more. Our sleek, polished, Raffinato concrete steps don’t stain or crack and are a refined alternative to modern and very linear concrete steps.

Combining a few larger platforms, offset from each other, can also help widen the overall space too and give you more outdoor space to benefit from, which is also a key selling feature for potential homebuyers.  



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Lighting On Steps

Your stone steps don’t necessarily need to blend in. Well-designed stone steps combined with lighting can become your garden’s best feature. Lighting on steps is not only practical and increases safety at night, but it allows you to showcase your landscape design after dark! These are perfect to outline your path back to your house for guests and add that fancy touch to any space. These can look great on your front entrance steps, garden steps, or patio steps.


Bullnose Grande coping in Greyed Nickel

Featured product : Bullnose Grande coping in Greyed Nickel

Looking to explore stone steps for your next landscape design? Discover our collection below.



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