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7 Ways To Boost Your Curb Appeal

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It’s no secret that your front yard landscaping is the first thing that your friends, neighbors, and potential homebuyers will notice before stepping foot into your home. Why not make a first good impression? In fact, 99% of National Association of Realtors members believe that curb appeal is important in attracting a buyer and 94% of realtors suggest that sellers improve their curb appeal before listing their home for sale. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these 7 ways you can enhance your curb appeal to increase the value of your home and create an inviting entrance:


1. Add garden edges 

If your front yard includes greenery, opting for garden edges is a great way to separate the grass from your plants, while also keeping mulch and other matter out of your flowerbeds. It also makes gardening easier since your plants are sure to grow in one confined area, giving your space a clean and tidy appearance. It also allows you to neatly incorporate your planters and makes landscapes look complete. If you’re looking for a durable, natural-looking garden edge, check out the Borealis stone. Its popularity stems from its wood-like look and durability.



Featured product : Borealis garden edges


2. Create a walkway  

Adding a walkway to your landscape project is a simple way to make your home feel warm and inviting. Walkways are also low-maintenance and identify the path guests should take to get to the front door, limiting traffic in undesirable areas. A walkway can also continue to the back of your home, merging into your backyard to limit traffic inside your home and create a continuous look throughout your property. A great way to achieve this design is to choose stepping stones for your pathway. Have a look at our anti-slip when wet Blu Grande Smooth slab featured below.



Featured product : Blu Grande Smooth slabs


3. Revamp your driveway  

We often think of driveways as boring big pieces of concrete, but they don’t have to be! A well-designed driveway can become the prime focal point for your curb appeal. You can choose from a variety of creative patterns and designs to make your front yard look appealing. For inspiration, browse through our Mosaic Guide. You can also opt for permeable pavers which will allow water to run through your driveway rather than off of it. Unlike impermeable paving, this option will prevent water from running down your driveway, accumulating debris down the sewers. This is not only a more environmentally friendly option but also looks great! Permeable pavement can be done with loose stones and gravel, grass, or permeable concrete. View our selection of permeable pavers.



Featured product : Aquastorm pavers and Para slab


4. Install outdoor lighting 

The simple act of installing outdoor lighting in front and around your home can make a world of a difference in curb appeal. Lights add an elegant touch to any space and can tie in your walkways and driveways. Outdoor lighting not only transforms the look of your landscape in the evening by creating an ambiance, but it also makes it safer. You can incorporate lighting in your stairs, walkway, driveway, and in your plants to show them off at night. Check out the collection of outdoor lighting by in-lite. In-lite offers high-quality lighting to illuminate your deck, hardscape, paths, outdoors, and more.



Featured product : Raffinato steps


5. Implement retaining walls 

If your home is built on a slope, implementing retaining walls at the front of your home can add structure to your property and match your home’s architecture and landscape. Retaining walls can also be used in your front yard with flower beds to add a warm element to your space. This is a great option if your home is located on a hill or in an area where your plants would normally have poor soil or drainage. If you are looking to build planters or to retain soil, discover our Graphix retaining wall. Alternatively, retaining walls can also be used to create privacy walls. Their design will not only reduce erosion but help you create intimate spaces around your home.



Featured product : Graphix retaining walls


6. Add stone steps  

Did you know that investing in your curb appeal can increase your home’s value between $20,000 - $25,000 on average? Ensuring that your landscape project looks its best is in your best interest. This is even more true if you live on a multi-level property that is difficult to navigate. Getting around on uneven ground safely and conveniently can be a challenge. Adding stone steps is a good solution to this problem. Stone steps can be installed on any surface and seamlessly tie in the landscaping and surroundings to your home design. Stone steps also add dimension and visual interest to your home. Visit our webpage to discover our collection of stone steps.


Steps-Victorien-pavers-Raffinato cap

Featured product : Victorien pavers and Raffinato cap


7. Create a patio out front 

Got space in the front of your home to design a patio? Why not create an oasis on your front porch? A front porch adds architectural detail, aesthetic value, and elevates the look of your home just like any other factor that relates to your curb appeal. You can invest in new furniture pieces such as patio chairs and add pavers to make your porch look sleek. A front patio will increase the value of your home and can give potential homebuyers the impression that your home is warm and inviting. Its popularity stems from its wood-like look and durability.

Looking for front yard and driveway landscaping ideas? Visit our Front Yards & Driveways inspiration page for design ideas and to discover some of our featured products.


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