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Discover the Top 9 Landscaping Trends for 2024

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Step into the realm of landscape design, where quiet luxury defines the pulse of the era. This year, landscape aesthetics and fashion intertwine more seamlessly than ever. Inspired by the likes of the TV show Succession and a shift away from ostentatious opulence, quiet luxury emerges as the protagonist in the world of design. 

Luxury is translated through the language of high-end materials, sumptuous textures that beckon touch, and a palette of warm, creamy tones that whisper sophistication. Let’s dive into the trends together! 

Landscaping Trend #1: Warm Earth Tones

Embracing the current design trend of warm earthy tones, cream tones take center stage this year. Inspired by the ‘’latte dressing’’ fashion statement, the corresponding ‘’latte decorating’’ trend is gaining traction. In alignment with this aesthetic shift, Techo-Bloc presents its new Caffè Crema color. This versatile hue warms up contemporary landscapes from the cold greys we’ve seen for years. Caffè Crema is now available in popular selections such as Industria HD2 Smooth slab, Para HD2 Smooth slab, Blu 60 mm collection, and Raffinato walls, caps, steps, and edges. 



Featured product: Blu Grande Smooth patio slab in Caffè Crema

Landscaping Trend #2: Tone-on-Tone Colors with Mixed Motifs

We predict a change in design trends from strong contrasting colors to a more subtle and calming approach. Applying this approach to landscaping means using similar hues and mixing textures and shapes to create visual interest. A unified aesthetic, like using one color but changing up the texture, lets the landscape balance the design elements with the surrounding natural ones without being too flashy. 

Our colors Caffe Crema, Beige Cream and Chestnut mix wonderfully together. Our Industria Flora showcases tone on tone motifs for subtle elegance. 


Primer-TechoBloc-Series2023_10_CoverFeatured products: Industria Flora, Industria Triangle and Industria 900x900

Landscaping Trend #3: Luxurious Materials and Textures

The embodiment of quiet luxury unfolds through the integration of sumptuous, yet subtle materials. Techo-Bloc's new Natural Stone Collection introduces slabs, steps, and caps made from Sandstone in large-scale dimensions and subtle colors that epitomize elegance with a contemporary twist.  

For those looking for a flawless finish, Techo-Bloc's HD2 textured pavers and slabs are the velvet of pavers and is the preferred choice for high-end modern landscape designs. Like the look of granite? The new Silver Granite color has been launched in HD2 smooth and brings us the visual dimension of true granite with the enduring characteristics of Techo-Bloc's concrete pavers and slabs.  


VXLAB-LANDSCAPE CATALOG-NaturalStone-SlabFeatured products: Natural Stone slab and step in grey

Landscaping Trend #4: Classic Revival

Classics endure, and this year, we expect the resurgence of favorites like checkerboard patterns, European cobblestones, and the timeless red brick. The beloved checkerboard pattern gets a little update in the photo shown here with Techo-Bloc's Everest slabs installed with vibrant grass inserts. Concurrently, European-inspired design elements return with options like the cobblestone-like Valet and Squadra pavers with an intricate pattern. Finally, the classic red brick lookalike will be one of the stars of 2024 with options like the Westmount paver in Merlot or the more contemporary Mika paver in Onyx Black with its glossy Klean-Bloc finish. 



Featured product: Westmount paver in Merlot and Industria 900 in Beige Cream

2024_US201-NJ-30Featured product: Everest patio slab in Shale Grey

Landscaping Trend #5: Multi-Function Compact Spaces

Homeowners are embracing the potential of their smaller outdoor spaces, maximizing every inch of property without compromising on style. One clever design strategy is the use of larger paving units, such as our Para slabs in varying sizes, to limit the joints between the paving stones and keep the eye moving. A separate seating area is defined with the use of a change in color to Onyx Black in a smaller Para slab size for added design element that does not add visual clutter to the space. 


2024-CA169_ON_EE27895_0077 (1)Featured product: Para patio slab in Onyx Black and Greyed Nickel

Landscaping Trend #6: Green Choices for Grand Designs

Greentecture is a big trend this year, blending sustainability with aesthetics to highlight the beauty of responsible living. Opt for permeable driveway pavers, such as our Aquastorm paver, to minimize runoff and pollutants while introducing a touch of greenery. And yes, you can remove snow without damaging Aquastorm as long the snow removal equipment has a “paver protector,” a sliver of plastic attached to the equipment designed to create a barrier between the metal blades of the snow removal equipment, such as a snow blower or snow shovel, and the surface of the pavers.  


2023-CA127_QC_RAP06635Featured product: Aquastorm paver

Another trend we are seeing is to transform “dead spaces” like slopes or outdoor stairways into multi-level edible gardens, creating a multi-use and eco-conscious stairway. Patio slabs like our Industria Flora, featuring textured floral patterns, placed amidst ground cover plants add greenery and increase the percentage of permeable surface of your property. These ground cover plants are chosen for their ability to form a low, spreading carpet-like cover, creating a green and visually appealing alternative to traditional grass. Examples of ground cover plants include creeping thyme, creeping Jenny, moss, or various types of low-growing sedums. They are valued for their ability to fill in spaces between pavers or slabs, providing a softer and more varied texture to outdoor surfaces. 


2024_US182-NJ-DJI_20230629180430_0063_D-2-T (1)

Featured product: Industria Flora in Greyed Nickel

Landscaping Trend #7: Linear Line-Up

This year, the resurgence of bold, candy-style stripes in interior design finds a captivating parallel in the realm of landscape design with the emergence of the linear-line up trend. In both outdoor and interior design worlds, there’s a shared appreciation for the timeless appeal of stripes, whether they grace interior spaces as full-dip striped rooms or manifest outdoors through the deliberate use of Diamond pavers to create tone on tone stripes or large-scale Sleek pavers interwoven with large stripes of green grass This cross-disciplinary trend celebrates the enduring simplicity and chic allure of stripes, proving that design inspiration knows no boundaries – whether it’s shaping a living room or defining an outdoor oasis 


2024_US196-CA-18305-CM-3Featured product: Diamond Smooth paver in Greyed Nickel

2024_US192-I__02337 (1)

Featured product: Sleek paver in Greyed Nickel

Landscaping Trend #8: Creative Curves

After years of very angular design decision, we’re now seeing an emergence of circles and curves. You can see the trend emerging using paver mosaics to create circular patterns or the shape of the entire patio cut out and surrounded by grass. These subtle arcs and contours not only elevate aesthetics but also beckon movement, creating a dynamic and organic atmosphere. Our Squadra paver has become a popular choice among homeowners and designers seeking to craft distinctive and attention-grabbing shapes in outdoor spaces such as the one pictured below. This paver’s small size and color selection makes it ideal for these types of designs. Keep an eye out for this trend as it promises to redefine outdoor design in the coming year.  


2024_US190-CT-DJI_20230727073228_0131_DFeatured products: Blu Grande HDSmooth in Shale Grey and Squadra paver in Shale Grey in Onyx Black

Landscaping Trend #9: Outdoor Lighting Mastery

This trend is set to redefine your outdoor space into a 24/7 destination, allowing it to be savored both day and night. Elevate your landscape design by integrating carefully placed outdoor lighting and fire features. Watch as up-lit pillars crowned with flames cast a warm glow, accentuating lush greenery or guiding pathways to outdoor seating areas. The thoughtful interplay of these elements not only enhances aesthetics but also crafts an inviting and upscale atmosphere, promising to elevate your outdoor living space to new heights in the coming years.  


2024_US188-MI-DJI_20230719164209_0284_DFeatured products: Blu Grande Smooth patio slab, Raffinato Wall and Step in Greyed Nickel


For more design inspiration, or to discover the products that will help you embrace the landscape design trends of the year, discover our NEW 2024 Landscape Catalog today! 




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