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How to Create a Cozy Backyard with a Custom Fire Pit with Pavers

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A homemade fire pit gives you the ability to enjoy outdoor living no matter the time of year. There is nothing stopping you from sitting outside in the middle of winter next to the warm fire, enjoying a hot chocolate. Sounds like bliss, right? After all, most of us do not get the right amount of use out of our backyards. We may enjoy sitting outside during the summer months, but we forget about our outdoor space during the winter. There is no need to do this with a custom fire pit. Instead, you can have the best of both worlds, meaning you can enjoy outdoor living come winter or summer. 


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Different design options

There are a number of different options you have at your disposal when it comes to designing your own custom fire pit. This includes the following:

  • You can use a predesigned fire pit ring. They come in many different sizes, and DIYers of all levels can enjoy them. 
  • The best option is to create your own custom fire pit. Select from our collection of walls and create a unique size and look that suits your style. From rustic to contemporary, you can achieve anything.
  • Or, the final option is to go for a sunken fire pit. However, you do need to be very careful in terms of safety with this option. 

Creating a custom fire pit

As mentioned, the best way to enhance your backyard in this way is to create a custom fire pit. We have a huge collection of retaining walls and slabs for sale, which enable you to create a fire pit that fits in with the style of your yard and creates a stunning overall effect. You can play around with different scales, textures, and colors, enabling you to build a fireplace that does not have a cookie-cutter design and instead expresses your own unique personality. Our different texture slabs enable you to create the appearance of a different material entirely, which is assured to impress. 


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There are a lot of different features you can add to your fireplace as well in order to create a luxurious and character-filled appearance. One of the best options is to add mood lighting. This will ensure all eyes are on the fire pit, creating that amazing wow factor. Another option is to create a texture contrast by using two different types of pavers. This approach is very much in style at the moment and will ensure your fire pit is the statement piece in the garden. The sky is the limit!


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All in all, there is no denying that one of the best ways to enhance your outdoor space and give it a luxury feel is to create a custom fire pit. Not only will this enable you to create a warm and stylish environment that you can enjoy no matter the weather but it will also add a touch of luxury to your garden as well. An addition like this is something that is sure to boost the value of your property.


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