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How To Create An Eco-Friendly Backyard With Paving Options

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We all know the importance of doing our bit for the planet today. However, knowing where to start is not always easy! Luckily, that is what this blog post is here to help you with. You can add some color and an eco-touch by adding some turf to your story. Blend this in with slabs for walkways and patios, like the new Aquastorm paver, and you have the perfect solution. With that being said, read on to discover more about the eco-friendly paving options that are available to you today. 

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Can you have an eco-friendly backyard without compromising style?

A lot of people believe that being eco-friendly while achieving a beautiful and unique outdoor space is simply not possible. We’re here to tell you that it is! You do not need to compromise on design and style in order to have a gorgeous backyard that is adapted to your lifestyle. This is something that we have made possible with our permeable collections. They make sure that rainwater passes through the paving stones’ joints, seeping into the ground naturally. This is much better for the environment when compared with the other paving solutions that are out there today. 

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Your eco-friendly paving inspiration and ideas 

So, how can you create an eco-friendly space using pavers? Firstly, you need to choose pavers that are designed to be permeable. Our Aquastorm paver is a good example of this. Plus, it enables grass to grow into it, which creates a green, fresh look, that is beautiful for your landscaping and beneficial for outdoor living. This is an anti-flooding permeable driveway paver with infiltration rates that are through the roof. It has been designed for the green and modern home in mind. As you will see by looking at the images, style is certainly not compromised!

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The second piece of the puzzle is to create a paving design that is unique to your garden and shows off your personality. There are so many ways you can go about this. One option is to mix and match the paving stones we have for sale in our permeable collection. Using two different types of pavers to create a permeable pavement can look beautiful and striking. 

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Eco-friendly options with regular pavers

Another eco-friendly pavement solution is to use regular pavers, yet leave a two-inch space in between each patio slabs. This is beneficial because it helps water to drain back into the ground, which is imperative for the environment. However, it also looks incredibly modern and is great if you are interested in adding a contemporary touch to your home. 

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All in all, the need to go green is something that cannot be denied today. We all need to be doing our bit for the planet. One of the ways that you can do this is by considering eco-friendly paving options for your outdoor landscape. We hope that the suggestions provided in this blog post will help you to get started. Learn more about permeable pavement here.


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