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Get a green landscape by installing stylish, eco-friendly pavers on your property

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More now than ever, we all are aware of the importance of doing our bit for the planet. With this awareness has come a growing trend of green landscaping. However, when it comes to creating a more sustainable landscape design, knowing where to start is not always easy! Luckily, we’re here to help. A good place to start is with your pavement. You can add some color and an eco-touch by adding some turf to your story. Blend this in with slabs or permeable pavers for walkways and patios, and you have the perfect solution. With that being said, read on to discover more about the eco-friendly pavers that are available to you today.

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What is green landscaping?

Green landscaping is described as an alternative approach to landscaping that involves an increased focus on planting and growing gardens and lawns in a sustainable and holistic manner, while also nurturing local wildlife and reducing pollution in the process. How you go about green landscaping will largely depend on your climate, but here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your landscape design:

  • Avoid synthetic chemicals;
  • Use water efficiently;
  • Select native plant species;
  • Swap some of your lawn for a vegetable garden;
  • Use non-polluting maintenance tools;
  • Harness the power of solar, and  
  • Opt for permeable, eco-friendly pavers.


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Today we will go over the use of permeable, eco-friendly pavers, as well as how you can use regular pavers in a permeable application. If you would like to learn more about green landscaping, you can check out our blog on the topic!

What are permeable pavers?

First things first, what are permeable, eco-friendly pavers? Simply put, permeable pavers allow rainwater to pass through the paving stones’ joints, seeping into the ground naturally rather than turning into runoff that would typically head directly into the sewer system. They also filter out suspended solids, preventing them from polluting the water stream. This is much better for the environment when compared with other paving solutions out there today. Using permeable pavement also helps in the prevention of flooding, puddling, ice accumulation and other issues that you may experience from surface water accumulation.

There are many other environmental benefits to using these eco-friendly pavers, but did you know that there are also financial benefits? Many states, provinces and cities across North America encourage the use of sustainable systems for water management. To do so, some cities such as Allentown, Pennsylvania and Ottawa, Ontario, offer rebates when you choose to install such systems. So, if you’re already thinking of going this route, we suggest that you look into your local legislation for any financial incentives! Now that we’ve covered the basic, let’s move on to something that’s probably on your mind: design.

Can you have an eco-friendly backyard without compromising style?

A lot of people believe that being eco-friendly while achieving a beautiful and unique outdoor space is impossible. We’re here to tell you that it’s not! You do not need to compromise on design and style in order to have a gorgeous eco-friendly backyard that is adapted to your lifestyle. This is something that we have made possible with our collection of permeable, eco-friendly pavers.

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Your eco-friendly paving inspiration and ideas 

So, how can you create an eco-friendly space using pavers? Firstly, you need to choose eco-friendly pavers that are designed to be permeable. Our Aquastorm paver is a good example of this. It enables grass to grow into it, which creates a green, fresh look, that is beautiful for your landscaping and beneficial for outdoor living. This is an anti-flooding permeable driveway paver with infiltration rates that are through the roof! It has been designed for the green and modern home in mind. As you will see by looking at the images, style is certainly not compromised!

Aquastorm DrivewayFeatured product: Aquastorm

The second piece of the puzzle is to create a paving design that is unique to your outdoor space and shows off your personality. There are so many ways you can go about this. One option is to mix and match the paving stones we have for sale in our permeable collection. Using two different types of eco-friendly pavers to create a permeable pavement can look beautiful and striking and will certainly catch the eye of passersby. For a truly unique design, try using pavers in contrasting colors and sizes.

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Eco-friendly options with regular pavers

Haven’t found the right permeable paver for you? Don’t worry, you can still easily be eco-friendly when using regular pavers! When laying your eco-friendly pavers, you will need to leave a two inch space between each paving stone. This method is beneficial because it helps water to drain back into the ground, which is imperative for the environment and stormwater management. Bonus: it also looks incredibly modern and is great if you are interested in adding a contemporary touch to your home. To tie everything together, you can fill the gaps with stones, or let grass grow in between for a pop of green.

2019-CA052-0799_LRFeatured product: Industria

All in all, the need to go green is something that cannot be denied today. We all need to be doing our bit for the planet. One of the ways that you can do this is by considering eco-friendly paving options for your outdoor landscape design. Whether you opt for permeable, eco-friendly pavers or regular paving stones, the environment will thank you. We hope that the suggestions provided in this blog post will help you to get started.

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