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How to Save Cost by Design

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Does this sound familiar? “I just received an estimate from my contractor and it is way over budget. It has everything I want, and I don’t want to cut anything out of the design.” If it does then you should know; when it comes to the design of your project, there are a few cost saving options to consider.

Mature Plantings Offer Instant Gratification, but Hurt Your Wallet
The first area to focus on is the softscape. The easiest way to save money is to downsize the size of your plants. Say you’re dealing with a two-inch caliper Kusa Dogwood, by doing something as simple as swapping it with a one inch tree you can boast savings of up to 60%! Sure your plants won’t look mature the second your landscape project is completed but the good news is, like a fine wine, it gets better with every passing year. You’ll fall in love with your landscape a little more with every passing season.

Kousa Dogwood tree; native to Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Sikkim, Bhutan and the Ryukyu Islands Kousa Dogwood tree; native to Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Sikkim, Bhutan and the Ryukyu Islands

Phase It Out
Consider the size of your hardscape project. Can it be done in phases? Say you renovate the backyard first, followed by the outdoor walkway in the side yard the following year. Ultimately, your expenses will be more manageable, and since the scope of each project will be smaller than one large one, the entire process may very well be far more enjoyable. Ask your contractor what’s the smartest way to roadmap your project in phases. Remember that access plays an important part and renovating your side yard before you do the backyard means having it damaged by large construction equipment when your contractor has to tackle your backyard renovation at a later date. The order in which you tackle the construction phases is important.

Cuts Are Costly – These Extras Can Be Eliminated
When looking at the design of a project, consider the details, borders, patterns, and shapes used. Hardscape products are not something to skimp on; quality plays a huge role in project satisfaction especially in years proceeding project installation.
Is the patio round? Do the plans include an intricate design pattern that requires a lot of cutting? Square and rectangular shaped projects eliminate a lot of unnecessary cutting, which is labor intensive - saving you and your contractor both time and money. Consider turning that serpentine winding walkway into a straight one and let the pavers’ or slabs’ textures and colors be the focal point.


Save Thousands on Landscaping Projects
Receiving estimates and quotes from contractors can be confusing and choosing one is a daunting process. Viewing from a numbers-only standpoint can be misleading. By critically analyzing the line items and project design, you can save thousands of dollars when undergoing landscaping projects. To find one of our certified Techo-Bloc partners and get the right estimate, click here: 



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