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The 5 backyard styles to inspire your next outdoor renovations

Published by Publié par Julie Dionne on le May 3, 2019 1:53:11 PM

Keeping up with the latest trends in outdoor living and design is an excellent way to find ideas for your new garden renovation. If you're thinking about how you can make some big or small changes to your outdoor space, there are plenty of fun styles and trends you can pick up on. Spring is often the ideal time to start thinking about making some changes, so consider some of these tips for some creative advice.

1. Open Air Living Space

Outdoor living is growing as a trend, as people begin to make more use of the space they have available to them. They're thinking beyond lawns, paths and flowerbeds to create relaxing spaces that are more similar to their indoor living spaces than to gardens. Patios, decks, plenty of seating and even somewhere to watch TV outside provide the perfect elements for outdoor relaxation and entertainment.


Primer_TechoBloc_Series2019_006_Diamond Residential_no-firepit

2. Easy Outdoor Eating

Flexible outdoor kitchens are also on the rise. Al fresco dining has always been popular, but why not making it easy to cook outdoors too? Outdoor kitchens that can be expanded or moved around are ideal for saving space and always having the perfect setup ready to go. Another way you can create a new style for your outdoor renovation is to incorporate herbs and vegetables that you can use in your cooking.



3. Forest Bathing

Forest bathing comes from Japanese, and means going for a walk through a forest or woodland. You can turn your backyard into a tranquil forest by surrounding your outdoor space with trees, shrubs and flowers. Plant along paths and create a feeling of being cut off from urban and suburban life. Our stepping stones, like the beautiful wood-effect Borealis, are ideal for creating a peaceful path. If you want to try this look, you could put your outdoor living space at one end or hide it within your greenery to create a secret sanctuary.


Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 2.11.18 PM-105126-edited.png

4. Zen and Meditation Gardens

Several of this year's outdoor styles are related to wellbeing and being healthy. Gardening and being outdoors can be fantastic for your mental health, and creating a zen or meditation garden is one way you can create a peaceful, mindful space. Make use of stones and water features alongside your plants, as well as tranquil places to sit and contemplate. You might also consider an abstract feature or perhaps a sculpture that's designed to draw your eye and give you something to focus on.


01078_128 Stallions Court, Vaughan ON_WEB (27).jpg

5. Getting Colorful

It's always worth getting some color into your backyard, but this year, outdoor living spaces are getting more colorful too. Outdoor furniture is getting as stylish as indoor furniture, so it's no more plastic chairs if you want to be trendy. Colorful fabrics and textiles are one of the top trends for the year, helping to brighten up outdoor furniture. Strong shades help your outdoor furniture to stand out so that it's just as eye-catching as all the greenery in your backyard.


01078_128 Stallions Court, Vaughan ON_WEB (32).jpg


Get inspired for your next outdoor renovations with these up to date ideas. You'll be on trend with these modern updates. 

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