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Turn your backyard into your next getaway: 6 inspiring ideas

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How to make your backyard look like a resort? Isn't that the ultimate question? When your backyard feels like an oasis, who needs to travel? I know what you’re thinking. There’s no way you can turn your backyard into a Mexican resort, right? Well, maybe not exactly. However, you can channel a bit of paradise and recreate the feeling you get when on vacation. Bonus! You get to channel paradise year-round and not just during a quick getaway to the beach. That sounds like money well spent to me!

Before we show you our backyard getaway ideas, what does one do when on vacation? We’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t answer ''relax'' to that question. We go on vacation to get away. To relax. To disconnect. The challenge of creating a backyard vacation oasis is that you’re, well, home. How can you disconnect without leaving the house? With a few clever additions, you can do just that, and more! Keep reading to discover our 6 inspiring backyard getaway ideas!

Fun-in-the-sun afternoons

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a vacation is a body of water. Whether it be a lake, a river, an ocean, or even a pool, vacations are mostly spent relaxing by the water. If you have a large backyard, might we suggest adding in a swimming pool? If your space allows it, you could even opt for an infinity pool. Nothing will make you feel more luxurious and like you’re at a resort than one of those! Pool designs are not only great for the kids, but for the adults too! Add some lights in and around your pool, grab your glass of wine and enjoy it at night when the kids go to bed. When the weather gets balmy, you’ll be glad you get to cool down in your own backyard vacation oasis. For the ultimate vacation experience, add a slope to your pool design and a few lounge chairs to work on that famous tan of yours! All that’s missing is a Piña Colada – waiter! If you’re working with a smaller backyard, add a small dipping pool or hot tub to your landscaping design. Every resort has at least one of them. Add a pergola and some string lights and you’ve got yourself the coolest spot in town!


Travertina Raw patio slab in Beige Creme

Featured product : Travertina Raw patio slab Beige Creme


For those of you who are looking for a more relaxing and tranquil experience, add a waterfall to your landscaping design. The sound of the trickling water will instantly remove you from your reality and transport you to a relaxing, tropical paradise. The noise of a waterfall covers the sounds of the surrounding environment and instantly grounds the listener, reducing his or her stress. You can either install a pre-assembled waterfall or install a custom one by selecting a retaining wall stone and integrating a waterfall in it. Add a lounge chair, sit back and unwind in a relaxing environment that will make you feel like you’re at a luxury spa. For the ultimate backyard getaway, add a privacy wall around your waterfall to remove yourself even further from reality. And how about some bushy greenery to make you feel like you’re in the middle of a tropical oasis? The possibilities are endless.


Grow your tropical oasis 

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of backyard getaway ideas is nature – greenery, to be exact. When selecting materials and organizing the space, you must always keep in mind that you’re trying to disconnect and to relax in a space that feels tropical, foreign. Greenery, flowers and natural elements are key. When dressing the patio floor, think of colors and textures that remind you of paradise. Take our Ocean Grande slab, for example. Its texture is a first of its kind and was inspired by the veins left behind on sandy ocean shores. Not only will your space look tropical, but it’ll feel tropical too. Our wood lookalike Borealis patio slab is another material that will make you feel at one with nature. Its warm look and feel will help you connect with your natural surroundings and make you feel like you’re in the middle of nature. 


Ocean Grande patio slab in Beige CreamFeatured product : Ocean Grande patio slab in Beige Cream


As for greenery, this is where you can really unleash your creativity. There can never be too much greenery in nature, so don’t hold back! To keep everything contained, add some planters or flower boxes with the help of our retaining wall options. To really lean into the natural look, use our Borealis retaining wall! Step up your game with some plush trees and even some palm trees (real or fake) to really immerse yourself in a tropical paradise. A privacy wall can also be a great way to add some intimacy to your space. Integrate some lights in the wall for a starry night feel – you’ll forget where you are!


Blu Grande Smooth patio slab and Borealis retaining wall

Featured product :  Blu Grande Smooth patio slab and Borealis retaining wall

Unwind by the fire 

Once the day settles down and the temperature starts to drop, gather the family around your custom backyard fire pit for some marshmallow roasting and storytelling. Vacation is also about spending time with the ones you love. What better way to bond than to gather around a fire pit and talk way into the night! Add some custom outdoor seating around the fire feature with a few cushions and blankets and you’ve got not only a functional feature, but a comfortable one as well. You can integrate some lights in your custom outdoor seating or even some speakers to really set the mood. Remember that privacy wall we talked about earlier? A fire pit pairs beautifully with that addition. Our large selection of fire pits and retaining wall stones allow you to really get creative with this addition to your backyard getaway idea. 


Westmount pavers in Shale Grey

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The best fine dining in town!

When on vacation, fine dining is expected. To channel that at home, we recommend installing an outdoor kitchen. Not only will your meals taste like luxury, but they’re also functional and enhance your outdoor dining experience. Add in an outdoor table and chairs and feast like you’re in paradise! For the ultimate backyard getaway experience, add a pergola over the dining table with some string lights and vine. You’ll feel like you’re in a Tuscan resort.



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New bar on the block

The nightlife is an integral part of vacationing! Enjoying some cocktails by the bar is part of the fun! To channel the tropical night scene, shake up some cocktails behind your custom bar. In fact, our retaining wall options allow you to create a bar in your backyard you won’t ever want to leave. Our Graphix retaining wall is a favorite among homeowners looking to design a standout bar. Lay some Ocean Grande down for a sandy-beach texture and you’ll feel like you’re sipping cocktails by the beach! This is another great opportunity to add a pergola with some string lights. Maybe even some speakers with tropical music. Feeling relaxed yet?


Graphix retaining wall in Beige Cream

Featured product : Graphix retaining wall in Beige Cream

Tropical pieces  

Adding furniture to an outdoor space is key in setting the tone in your backyard vacation oasis and creating an outdoor living experience. It’s just as important as selecting key pieces for your indoor designs. Furthermore, as you’re trying to create a resort-like experience, clever furniture additions will really tie your backyard getaway idea together nicely, making you feel as though you tucked in a tropical paradise. The key when selecting staycation-worthy furniture is to think of lounging. You want to carefully select pieces that will pull you in for some well-needed relaxation. Think lounge chairs, hanging rattan swing chairs, even plush sofas. How about adding some swing chairs for the bar? Add some rope décor around your landscape to enhance the tropical vibe. These additions are crucial to making you feel like you’re on vacation. It’s all in the details!


Ready to plan your backyard getaway idea? Find more inspiration in our Backyard Inspiration Book!




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