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Best Paver Patterns and Designs for 2021

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Now more than ever, homeowners are choosing to get creative in their outdoor spaces. Long-gone are the days where we would settle for a poured concrete driveway and a single square paver patio. Homeowners are expressing their creativity through standout designs that feature unique paver patterns, colors, textures, shapes and scales. Outdoor spaces aren’t just areas of the home anymore but works of art that are meant to impress.

At Techo-Bloc, we’ve created our wide selection of pavers and slabs with that in mind. All of our landscape stones’ colors, textures and scales have been designed to be mixed and matched to your heart’s content. Even our permeable pavers have been designed to allow for creativity. Functionality shouldn’t come at the expense of design. Our permeable pavers, as all of our other pavers and slabs, are practical, durable and stylish! If you’re thinking of updating your landscape this year, here are some paver pattern and design ideas that are sure to conjure up some creativity.


Checkerboard patterns

Patio slab : Industria in Greyed Nickel, Onyx Black and Shale Grey

Featured product: Industria slabs in Greyed Nickel, Onyx Black and Shale Grey


Checkerboard paving patterns are in! Considered by many to be a traditional paver pattern, maybe found in an English garden, a sleek, checkerboard pattern can work for a contemporary landscape as well. If you have the space in your backyard, consider this design with large-scale pavers or slabs. The smooth surface of the pavers pictured above, creates a modern, timeless look that complements the surrounding elements beautifully. These homeowners also decided to keep the design monochromatic by selecting three different shades of gray. The color mix adds an eye-catching element without being too loud. If you love monochromatic, but wish to liven up your space, think of incorporating a checkerboard paving pattern to your landscape.


Defining your spaces

Paver & Patio Slab : Westmount in Merlot and Blu Grande Smooth in Beige Cream

Featured product: Westmount paver in Merlot and Blu Grande Smooth slab in Beige Cream


Using contrasting pavers and colors to define a particular space in your backyard is a trend homeowners are picking up on. In the spirit of bringing the indoors out, homeowners are segmenting their backyards like they do their interiors, separating the kitchen from the lounging area and the lounging area from the dining space. In the image seen above, these homeowners chose to define their dining space by adding a contrasting paver to surround it. One could almost see it as a carpet. The color is contrasting, but also complements the cream patio slabs that surround it. The attention to design is noticeable. Just as you would when designing your interior, define certain areas of your backyard to create the ultimate outdoor living experience.


Optical Illusions

Paver : Diamond in Beige Cream

Featured product : Diamond paver Smooth and Granitex in Beige Cream


As we mentioned previously, 2021 is the year of creating art in our outdoor spaces. With that in mind, many homeowners are turning towards geometric paver shapes that catch the eye! Take our Diamond paver, for example. This designer mixed our two available textures for this paver: Smooth and Granitex. In doing so, it creates an illusion of a 3-dimensional geometric shape. Not only can mixing colors create works of art, but textures too! The designer kept the colors monochromatic and let the textures create the illusion! If you love modern designs, then our Diamond paver is for you!


A Unique Basket-weave

Patio Slab and Paver : Ocean Grande in Beige Cream and Valet in Onyx Black

Featured product : Ocean Grande slab in Beige Cream and Valet paver in Onyx Black


The classic basket-weave pattern remains a popular one among homeowners. However, we’re taking the pattern to the next level by mixing contrasting pavers to achieve it. Most of us have seen basket-weave paver patterns with traditional paver bricks that all look the same. In the name of creating art in our landscapes, might we suggest opting for something similar to the landscape design pictured above? These homeowners chose two contrasting pavers in color, texture and scale, to create a unique basket-weave pattern. With our wide selection of pavers and slabs, you can create your own basket-weave combination. Let’s get creative!


A modern twist on a classic style

Pavers : Westmount in Onyx Black and Industria in Shale Grey

Featured product : Westmount paver in Onyx Black and Industria paver in Shale Grey


We’re all familiar with the classic running bond look, however, did you know that you could use running bonds to create a unique pattern in your landscape? These homeowners used this conventional pattern to create a modern look with linear lines and a mix of colors and textures. The running bond pattern is a popular one and one that is most suited for patios, walkways and other pedestrian-only environments. They are, however, making their way into driveway designs, and the results could not be more stunning! Many homeowners are incorporating thin pavers and slabs to create detailed and precise designs and bandings in their outdoor spaces.


Tiny tiles are back in a big way


Featured product : Squadra paver in Shale Grey and Onyx Black


Using small sized pavers and slabs to create big and bold paver patterns is a new trend homeowners are getting behind. Small pavers are often used in small spaces, so as to not overwhelm the space. Their small proportions allow you to get creative and to create uniquely detailed and precise designs from the ground up! Take the landscape pictured above. These homeowners used our Squadra paver to dress up the floor of this small outdoor patio. They mixed two Squadra colors to create the illusion of a larger-scale paver, perfectly complimenting the size of the space.


One-of-a-kind designs

Paver : Squadra and Blu Grande Smooth

Featured product : Squadra paver in Onyx Black and Blu Grand Smooth in Greyed Nickel


Make your backyard your canvas! A few broad strokes are all you need to create a landscape design that is uniquely you! Many homeowners are using smaller scale pavers and slabs to create creative paver shapes in their landscapes. The landscape design pictured above features our Blu 60 Smooth slab as the base of the canvas, and our Squadra for the arc. These homeowners even went so far as to add lights to the pavers for a shooting star look. Let your imagination run wild with our wide selection of landscape stones. There is no shortage of options.


Herringbone patterns never get old

Paver : Westmount in Shale Grey

Featured product : Westmount paver in Shale Grey


Herringbone patterns have been a go-to for many years. In fact, this paver pattern has historically been associated to interior design. It’s not until homeowners started bringing the indoors out that it has grown in popularity in landscape design. Homeowners love it for its unique look that never goes out of style. Our most popular paver for herringbone patterns is our Westmont paver, as seen in the landscape design pictured above. We also offer a wide selection of pavers and slabs that allow you to create a sleek, herringbone pattern in any outdoor space!


Need more inspiration? Discover our Mosaic’s Guide! In it, you’ll find a number of different paver patterns to get your creative juices flowing. Find one that speaks to you and get to landscaping!





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