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15 One-Of-A-Kind Paver Designs

Published by Publié par Jonathan Hendy on le Jul 22, 2016 9:05:43 AM

Pavers don't have to be boring. There's a world of creativity that goes into a spectacular project. And at the end? Well, with the inspiration packed into these one-of-a-kind paver designs, you'll be left with a unique, personalized project that matches your personality.  

1. Use pavers to transform otherwise normal river rocks into a stylish pattern.


2. Durability doesn’t have to be boring; use smaller pavers to recreate your favorite images and logos. 

20525417_1393290100706484_223661865403136059_n.pngProject by Sterling Design Build

3. Basements can get too busy. Landscaping says move the man cave outside. 

13501759_1039479522802828_239791311627477042_n.jpgProject by Monello Landscape Industries, LLC

4. Hexagon shapes may cost more in cuts, but they’re unique in design.  

20225778_463596024012415_3817163974005227520_n-1.jpgProject by Accelerated Green Works

5. Create interesting walkways by using your paving stones to frame flowers, moss, and more. 


6. Use asymmetrical designs to create spaces with lasting impact. 

APatterns.pngProject by Sunburst Construction Inc.

7. Colors are not nearly as hard to work with as they may appear to be. With the help of a landscape designer or experienced contractor, color combos will allow you to create simple spaces that pack a stunning punch.

imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-ftUdVDKzwuQQdrB.jpgProject by Groupe Zamco

8. Paving patterns are your best friend. Don’t be afraid to combine them.


9. Who said outdoor creativity was reserved to wall art? Personalize your landscape design by recreating pictures that are meaningful to you (initials work too). 

18095829_1667705796872435_6509494335518539776_n.jpgProject by Brandons Turf Care & Landscaping

10. Up your outdoor space by installing backyard sports areas like this basketball court! One thing’s for sure, your kids will thank you. 


11. Add a whole lot of personality to traditional linear walkways by integrating curvy cut-outs.

Cutouts.pngProject by Greenline Inc.

12. Celebrate yourself. Your initials deserve some love.  

17126057_422549608091898_3399916113176297472_n-1.jpgProject by Solicito & Son Landscaping

13. Add some European flare to your stone deck, with the help of a circle kit.


14. Compass designs spice up any renovation. And if ever your GPS stops working, they can be pretty practical too.


15. Mix colors, patterns and products to create a dynamic driveway.




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