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Best Landscape Transformation Projects

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Have you ever completed a home renovation project and been over the moon about the results? You know, the type of project that makes you look twice at the before and after photos. Well, us too!  

In this blog post, we’d like to showcase some of the best landscape transformation projects using Techo-Bloc products.

Vacations that last a lifetime

In this first example, the homeowners just finished building their dream home. The next step was to undertake a landscape makeover that would complement their newly built rustic property.

Their goal was to create that resort-like atmosphere by opting for a sleek, traditional backyard. 

One way to achieve this look is to use products from one collection and one color only. By choosing the Travertina collection in Ivory for their step threads, patio, and pool coping, the couple was able to obtain a cohesive look throughout their residence. They installed large Travertina Raw patio slabs in a linear pattern to minimize seams. Travertina is a high-end collection that offers wall, cap, slab, and paver options that allow you to renovate your landscape from top to bottom. This versatile product is available in three colors that blend perfectly across product categories.

Our Travertina collection is a great option for a poolside installation with its Klean-Bloc technology that protects against everyday wear and tear. It is made with concrete for improved durability but mimics the texture of natural travertine and matches the aesthetic of their rustic home.  

Check out the final look below!


Featured product:  Travertina Raw patio slab in Ivory 


Blue Mountain

For project Blue Mountain, the homeowners wanted to transform their bare landscape into a serene hideaway with low maintenance moving forward. While building the homeowners’ very own oasis, their goal was to renovate their front yard, entrance, and backyard to match their modern home and mountainous landscape. They also wanted to opt for xeriscaping that would allow them to enjoy their property rather than worrying about upkeep.

To create their perfect relaxation space, the owners chose the Industria Smooth (600 Series) pavers in their front yard and opted for the Raffinato stone steps in Greyed Nickel. 

For the transformation of their backyard, they chose to install the Blu slabs around their pool area where they could cool off on hot summer days. They decided to go with the same steps as the ones used in their front entrance to achieve a unified look. A fire pit area was added to create a perfect space to relax during chilly evenings. To complete the design, the owners installed the Industria Smooth (600 Series) slabs as stepping stones around the fire pit.

The combination of products helped the owners achieve a modern desertic ambiance with low maintenance since their hardscaping blends well with the surrounding nature.


See it for yourself!

Featured product: Industria Smooth (600 Series) slabs Beige Cream

To New Beginnings!

To finalize the look of their new home, this couple was looking to invest in a custom backyard and driveway. The goal of the project was to create a unique space, tailored to the couples’ style while making it the perfect host-worthy living space.

A variety of products were used for this landscape transformation. Aquastorm permeable pavers were used in the driveway along with Industria Smooth (600 Series)  in Greyed Nickel and Squadra pavers in Onyx Black in the front entrance. Mix-matching pavers added an element of design to their entrance and elevated the look of the space. Scattered lighting was added to the front stairs to create a starry night design and highlight the grand entrance.

In the backyard, the owners went for a look like no other by choosing to customize all of their features. They installed everything from two custom kitchens, a pizza over and dining table to a personalized fire feature, and water feature. Raffinato Smooth retaining walls in Greyed Nickel were installed around the custom kitchens. To obtain a unified look, the same product was used for the fire pit and fire pit benches. The custom dining area was designed with two colors of Graphix wall to add dimension. The couple also chose a combination of various Blu Smooth and Squadra pavers in Onyx to outline a unique arch design for a sophisticated look. By opting for an outdoor cooking and custom dining area combined with a pool and fire pit, the couple was able to create a luxury staycation worthy of hosting any gathering.


Who wouldn’t want to spend their days here? See the transformation below.

Featured product:  Blu Grande patio slab and Squadra pavers

Dream Family Home

For this family, building a quaint and quiet outdoor living space where they can create lasting memories was key. The goal of their landscape transformation was to design a low-maintenance custom backyard that didn’t compromise on style.

They wanted to make a statement by choosing the Hexa slab in Chestnut Brown at ground level. To encourage family bonding, they brought their dining experience outdoors. A custom kitchen was installed with our Graphix retaining wall and unique insert of Borealis wall to add an element of design and contrasting texture.

A fire pit area with custom seating and a privacy wall was installed to design a relaxation area that they could enjoy amongst friends and family. To create the benches, Borealis and Graphix walls were installed in the same consistent colors used throughout the project. The Raffinato Smooth wall cap was also used in Beige Cream. The seats were perfect to enjoy on a cold fall evening around the Warming Trends burner, which produces a flame that resembles a natural wood-burning fire. The best part? You get twice as much flame with no smoke.

Who said that privacy walls had to be boring? Explore our outdoor lighting options by browsing the in-lite products here


Check out the final product:

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