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With ‘staycation’ on everyone’s mind this year, you may be thinking of a backyard renovation. Whether it be a whole backyard transformation, or just a light backyard update, custom features are a great way to bring your exterior to the next level!

Outdoor spaces you love to live in go well beyond basic these days. Our cleverly coordinated collections come together to create statement-making designs that are truly one-of-a-kind. From custom furniture to al-fresco kitchens, fire features, bars and beyond, we make it possible to create outdoor areas that are everything but cookie-cutter. You’ll never have to coax your guests to take the party outside again. Check out the custom outdoor features we recommend you consider for your upcoming project!

A custom kitchen fit for a chef!

1-V3_2020-US077_A7R6177Featured products: Brandon retaining wall and Blu 60 patio slab

Barbecues are a summer staple! Why not step-up your grill game this year with a custom outdoor kitchen? Homeowners are bringing the indoors out nowadays and creating outdoor living experiences for them to enjoy year-round. Never again will you have to run back-and-forth from the backyard to the kitchen! Customize your outdoor kitchen to include counter space, a mini-fridge, garbage and recycling bins, a sink, the possibilities are endless! Don’t miss out on any more fun! Be a part of the experience with this functional feature.

Feast around a custom dining table!


Featured product: Graphix retaining wall

After cooking up a fresh meal in your new outdoor kitchen, gather the family around your custom outdoor dining table! Not finding what your looking for on the market? Why not build it yourself? Outdoor dining is a key part of outdoor living. Looking to accommodate a lot of people? Choose from our selection of landscape stones and install a dining table that can sit everyone! You can even install custom benches along each side. Throw in some cushions for extra comfort and you're good to go! 

A little slice of Italy 

3-outdoor-pizza-oven-Forno-four-pizza-exterieur-01015_05_449_PPIFeatured product: Forno Pizza Oven

Who doesn't love pizza? What if we told you that you could channel Naples-inspired pizza right in your backyard? With our outdoor pizza oven, you can cook-up fresh, mouth-watering pizza for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Not only that, but you can also customize this feature by selecting a landscape stone that fits your style! Who needs Italy when you've got Techo-Bloc?

Who said the party stops after dusk?


Featured products: Brandon retaining wall, Borealis patio slab and Antika paver

Extend the fun into the night with your custom bar! While designing your outdoor kitchen, why not extend your countertop and add in some bar stools for the ultimate nightlife experience? Who needs to hit the town when you've got the best bar in the city right in your backyard! At Techo-Bloc, we offer a large selection of retaining wall stones that will allow you to customize your bar to match your personal style. The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your space to your liking.

Move over boring fire pit!


Featured products: Graphix retaining wall and Ocean Grande patio slab

Nights by the fire, roasting marshmallows and telling stories, are a must during summer. That is why they are such a popular feature among homeowners these days. However, did you know that you can customize your fire pit? That’s right, say goodbye to the basic steel fire pits and hello to an out-of-the-box design tailored to your style! Our retaining wall stones allow you to customize your gas or wood-burning fire pit to your liking. Go the rustic route by selecting our wood look-alike retaining wall stone or opt for our edgy and modern Graphix stone. Either way, your fire pit will definitely be the standout feature of your backyard.

Cool off in standout water features


Featured products: Blu Grande Smooth patio slab and Raffinato Smooth retaining wall

Water features are essential to cool off during hot summer days! Whether you install a swimming pool, a spa, or a water fountain, there are many ways for you to customize a water feature to your liking. Why not add a built-in spa to your existing pool? Or even a water fountain for the ultimate backyard oasis feel. Both can be achieved with retaining wall stones. Get creative with the colors and textures of the stone to make this addition a standout feature in your yard! Not interested in a swimming pool or hot tub? No worries! How about a custom water fountain? Sit back and listen to the sound of trickling water in your backyard. Feeling relaxed?

Sit back in style


Featured product: Raffinato Smooth retaining wall

Seating is often overlooked when planning your backyard renovation. It is, however, key to creating the ultimate outdoor living experience. Custom built-in seating is currently all the rage in landscape design and it’s not difficult to see why. Say goodbye to rickety old chairs and hello to sleek outdoor seating. Not only is built-in seating more aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also more functional. In fact, concrete seating can accommodate more people without taking up as much space in your yard. Throw in some plush cushions and a warm blanket for extra comfort! This feature also allows you to customize your seating to your space. Is your fire pit long and rectangular? Install built-in seating that stretches along side it. Want to define a space? Build an L-shaped seating area. Get creative with it!

For you next landscape renovation, think of custom designs! What better way to create a space you and your family will enjoy than to customize it to your unique style?

Now that you’re inspired, check out our online landscape catalog to discover the products that will help you bring your vision to life!



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