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How To Transform Your Backyard Into A Hideaway Retreat

Published by Publié par Daphne Dubois on le Apr 22, 2020 2:03:10 PM

Longing for that far-away feeling? With a little clever creativity, you can conjure up a postcard-perfect parallel right in your own backyard. Install a pool for the ultimate fun-in-the-sun experience or a water feature to create your own personal backyard oasis. You don’t need to go on vacation to feel like you’re on vacation. Apply these 7 design tips to transform your backyard into the new Cabo!

1. Al-Fresco Dining

TB2020_hideaway-retreat_1_alfresco-diningFeatured products: Raffinato retaining wall and Travertina Raw patio slab 


Really soak in the outdoors with a fully functional kitchen in your backyard! This addition will ensure that you enjoy every second with your loved ones, as we do when on vacation. For the ultimate hideaway retreat experience, install a wood-fired pizza oven! One bite and you’ll feel like you’re vacationing in Italy! Wood-fired ovens aren’t just for pizza though. You can grill any meat, veggie or bread, making it the perfect functional addition to your outdoor space. Buon Appetito!

For a farm-to-table concept, install a garden in your backyard where you can grow fresh veggies for you to enjoy with some perfectly grilled meat. Who needs a chef when you can enjoy the freshest cuisine around in the comfort of your backyard?

When on vacation, we find ourselves eating outside more than ever, enjoying the pleasant weather. In the spirit of transforming your backyard into a resort, create a comfortable, picturesque dining room you’ll want to enjoy all day, every day! Finding the right patio set is key to transforming your backyard into a delicious getaway. Make sure you keep in mind these three elements when shopping around: durability, comfort, and style.

2. Relax and Unwind in Comfort 

TB2020_hideaway-retreat_2_relax-unwindFeatured product: Ocean Grande patio slab 

A lounging area is key to creating a the ultimate hideaway retreat. After all, isn’t lounging and relaxing the whole point of going on vacation? Life is stressful enough. We need to be able to unwind on vacation. Spend Saturday afternoon napping on a comfortable outdoor sofa, or in a hammock hanging in your garden, listening to the trickling water of your waterfall. Feeling relaxed?

Comfort is key but durability is just as important. How can you relax in a space that is falling apart? You need materials that can withstand harsher climates year-round. Investing more up-front will ensure that you won't have to replace your furniture not long after purchase. Concrete outdoor seating areas are also an option if you’re thinking about long-term durability. In fact, this option also allows you to design the shape and scale of the seating area in your yard. Add some cozy plush pillows for comfort and style and you’re good to go!  

3. Who said adults can't have fun? 



Part of unwinding on vacation is having fun and taking part in activities! Whether it’s hitting the pool and beach, or playing cornhole and volleyball, having fun in the sun with family and friends is a major part of a vacation’s appeal.

When creating a staycation environment, it’s important to incorporate playful elements into your yard. Who says you stop having fun when you’re an adult?

For those who don’t have the space or the desire to install a swimming pool, there are other low-maintenance elements you can incorporate to guarantee hours of fun. Who doesn’t love cornhole? Set up a friendly cornhole competition in your backyard and watch as the hours fly by. How about some beach volleyball? Or maybe install a mini-golf course! There’s no shortage of what you can incorporate to make everyone feel like they’re far, far away.

4. Don't stop the fun after dark 

TB2020_hideaway-retreat_4_fun-after-dawnFeatured product: Ocean Grande patio slab 


Why should the fun stop after dawn? Creating the ultimate staycation experience means transforming your backyard into an all-hours destination. Outdoor lighting is key! There are many ways to incorporate lighting into your outdoor space vision. Whether it be into the ground, the walls or outdoor features, you can install lights everywhere! Tiki-torches or string lights are an easy way to incorporate this element into your personal paradise. Not only are lights ideal for safety reasons, they also allow you to squeeze even more hours of fun out of your backyard!   

5. Wind down by the fire 

TB2020_hideaway-retreat_5_wind-downFeatured product: Raffinato fire pit  


Another important part of vacationing is spending quality time with your loved ones. What is more bonding than curling up by a fire for some marshmallow roasting and some good night chats? Channel your childhood campfire days by telling stories and sharing laughs with the ones you cherish most. Not only is this feature functional but it is also stylish! With so many designs to chose from on the market, the right fire pit will become the statement piece of your backyard! After a long day in the sun, wind down with a quality fire pit. Don’t forget to stock up on chocolate and graham crackers!  

6. Shut out the noise and quiet the mind 

TB2020_hideaway-retreat_6_noise-quietFeatured product: Graphix retaining wall  


Love relaxing at the spa? A waterfall is just what you need! Sit back in your comfortable seating area, kick up your feet and listen to the trickling sound of your waterfall. You’ll instantly feel at one with nature. Many options exist on the market to make this feeling possible. You can either select a pre-assembled patio fountain kit, allowing you to enhance your landscape quickly and efficiently or install a custom waterfall in a retaining wall. The choice is yours to make! Either way, they will both inject some much-needed tranquility into your backyard.

7. Dress up your space in tropical clothing 

TB2020_hideaway-retreat_7_tropical-clothingFeatured product: Ocean Grande patio slab 

Most of us also go on vacation for a change of scenery. Create an exotic paradise in your backyard with colorful foliage! Add pops of color with exotic plants and flowers for the ultimate hideaway feeling. This addition will be the icing on the cake and the last step to your backyard transformation. If you want the feel without the maintenance, there are many options out there for you, like fake palm trees! You’ll wake up from your nap wondering where you are.

8. Enjoy some fun in the sun, poolside 

TB2020_hideaway-retreat_8_poolside_toaddFeatured product: Blu Grande Smooth patio slab 

What's more refreshing on a hot summer day than jumping into a swimming pool? Enjoy hours of fun in the sun with a pool that you and your loved ones will enjoy year after year! Add this addition to your outdoor space and you won't ever want to leave your house. Warning! Neither will your guests...

Now that you’re inspired, check out our online catalog to shop the products that will help you transform your backyard into your personal paradise! 



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