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Discover the 6 best backyard remodeling ideas for a tight budget

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It’s that time of the year again, where your local farmer’s market starts showcasing their pretty annuals and perennials, and you might be considering gardening and small backyard remodel ideas that won’t break the bank.

In this article, we will discuss six easy low-cost ideas to spruce up your outdoor space. 1. Using garden edging to create planters


1. Using garden edging to create planters

Looking for backyard remodel ideas on a budget that offer a high landscaping return on investment? Incorporating garden edging can significantly enhance your outdoor space without breaking the bank. Garden edging stones are a popular choice amongst many homeowners because they allow you to incorporate greenery into your living space while seamlessly blending in with your stone steps and the rest of your landscaping design. Garden edges add dimension to your environment, offer a clean look, and provide an easy way to create focal points in your outdoor space.

They also complement your landscaping makeover by allowing you to create planters and flowerbeds and help to reduce maintenance by keeping mulch in -- and the grass out -- of flowerbeds. Adding borders around your garden also helps to separate the pavers on your driveway from the greenery, creating well-defined and stunning, standout spaces that won’t shift from ground movement.


Raffinato_garden_edgingFeatured product: Raffinato garden edging


2. Adding concrete stepping stones or a walkway

You might spend a lot of time and/or money on making sure that your garden and lawn are well-kept throughout the summer months. Why not make sure they look their best by adding concrete stepping stones or by defining a walkway to prevent people from walking where they shouldn't? Creating a stone walkway is a low-budget option to do so and it connects different areas of your outdoor space, guides the way, and adds visual appeal.

When considering backyard remodel ideas, investing in a nicer yard can be achieved by adding a walkway using cost-effective concrete stepping stones. This simple addition not only improves the aesthetics but also offers a landscaping return on investment.


Borealis_stepping_stoneFeatured product: Borealis stepping stones


Our Maya steps marry well with the natural terrain. They are larger boulder-like steps designed to create outdoor stairs if your landscape is on a steep slope or uneven terrain. Maya stone steps are often used to access boat docks and lakes. These large stones are available in different shapes and four colors to blend in with any style.

If the modern look is more your style, consider creating a walkway with larger slabs such as the Blu Grande Smooth or Industria stone. These work great as stand-alone slabs to create a clean linear look. Surrounding them with pavers or mix-and-matching styles of stones instead of opting for grass can also help you achieve a unique look.


3. Investing in a wood-burning fire pit  

Who doesn’t like to cozy up by a fire pit in the fall with some smores or enjoy a summer evening with friends and family around a fire? Fire pits and fireplaces become natural gathering spots and centerpieces in your yard. A wood-burning fire pit is relatively easy to install, can be used all year long, and increases the value of your home.

Enhancing your backyard with a wood-burning fire pit can be a modestly priced backyard remodel idea that significantly elevates the ambiance and creates an inviting atmosphere. This investment not only adds value to your property but also offers a relaxing space for family and friends.


Brandon_fire_pitFeatured product: Brandon fire pit


While we do have ready to assemble kits for all styles, you can also custom build your own with our many retaining walls. Choose from clever or classic finishes in made-to-match colors that harmonize perfectly with our other stone features. Shop our selection of fire pits.


4. Adding string lights or lanterns to create ambiance

If you’re looking to create a fantastic ambiance in your dream backyard at a low price point, invest in outdoor lighting. Strategically hanging string lights in your garden or patio to highlight your favorite features can make all the difference.

Adding string lights or lanterns can be an affordable backyard remodeling idea that transforms your outdoor space into a charming, inviting area. This simple addition not only creates a welcoming atmosphere but also enhances the visual appeal of your yard.


5. Planting perennials and updating your outdoor furniture

Give your yard a simple makeover by planting perennials and updating your outdoor furniture - two small and inexpensive changes that can make all the difference. With the gardening season now in full bloom, there are tons of perennials to choose from to create your desired backyard oasis. They're easy to maintain, and once you plant them, they'll keep on growing back every year to fill your garden with their beautiful foliage.

Planting perennials and updating outdoor furniture are budget-friendly backyard remodel ideas that can yield a high landscaping return on investment. These simple updates not only beautify your outdoor space but also offer a refreshing and cozy environment for relaxation.


6. Updating your poured concrete steps, patio, or poolside with overlay slabs

If your poured concrete steps have cracks or if you’d like to change up their style to match the look of your home, it’s time for an upgrade. Our Venetian Smooth step overlay tiles are a great cover for aging poured concrete stairs that need a modern face-lift. If you prefer the antique Italian carved stone look, check out our Venetian Slate line.

Considering backyard remodels on a budget? Updating your poured concrete steps, patio, or poolside with overlay slabs can be a cost-effective solution to transform your outdoor space. This update not only enhances the aesthetics but also offers a durable and stylish solution for worn-out concrete surfaces. Looking for ideas that offer a landscaping return on investment? Explore our range of overlay slabs in various styles to find the perfect fit for your backyard.

Our Venetian Smooth step overlay tiles are a great cover for aging poured concrete stairs that need a modern face-lift. If you prefer the antique Italian carved stone look, check out our Venetian Slate line. Our Venetian Slate step offers practical features such as durability, resistance to de-icing salt, a lifetime transferable warranty, and can serve as the perfect covering for deteriorating concrete steps.

Another alternative to poured concrete steps is our line of Blu 45 Slate/Smooth outdoor tile stone slabs. The Blu 45 slate outdoor tile stone slab is an overlay system designed to cover old poured concrete landings, porches, balconies, and concrete or asphalt walkways and is available in multiple colors.

Slabs can also transform your poolside area. Concrete can make your space look dull while adding slabs adds personality, and helps you express your unique style in your outdoor space. Explore our smooth, modern, and elegant Pacific Collection of slabs to see how you can make your pool the star of your backyard.


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On a small budget and would rather invest in one key backyard makeover project?

Consider adding the following standout features:

  •  An outdoor kitchen

Raffinato_wallFeatured product: Raffinato Wall


Who doesn't like outdoor dining in the summer? Consider making the most of your backyard space by investing in an outdoor kitchen that brings people together and can transform a simple backyard into a cozy outdoor living space. Whether you want to set the summer scene with afternoon backyard BBQs with your friends or whip up a tasty dinner for your family, we’ve got a selection of pizza ovens, grill islands, and fully functional outdoor kitchens to choose from. Explore our outdoor kitchen collection.


  •  A custom waterfall

Para_patio _slabFeatured product: Para patio slab


The sound of trickling water can have a soothing effect and drown out the sound of urban surroundings if you live in the city. Adding a water feature to your outdoor landscaping doesn't have to be costly. Consider including a waterfall fountain that falls into your pool or your pond to complete your backyard oasis. Blending in the elements of stone, fire, water, and soil in your backyard can create a synergy that ties the design altogether and creates a nice flow throughout the entire space.


  • A concrete patio with built-in seating

seating_featured_raffinato_wallFeatured product: Seating Feature Raffinato wall


Investing in concrete patio seating is a great idea if you want a versatile option that will last throughout the years. This type of seating is also easy to clean, sturdy, and will flawlessly match your landscape design. Discover landscaping ideas here.

Looking for more landscaping ideas that won’t break the bank? Good news! Our 2021 Landscape Catalog is now available for download.


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