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Swimming Pool Ideas: Top trends for 2021

Published by Publié par Daphne Dubois on le Mar 14, 2021 11:00:00 AM

It’s common for one to reminisce of warm, sun-filled days when we find ourselves in the middle of February As I’m typing this blog post, I’m looking out of my living room window, onto a mid-January snowstorm. While winter does have its perks, there’s just something about summer that makes you miss it year-round.

Although it may be too soon to get your swimsuit out, it is not, however, too soon to start planning your summer landscape renovation. Around this time of year, homeowners start planning the tweaks, or full-on makeovers they wish to make to their outdoor spaces. If you love summer and spending time in the yard, why not consider installing a swimming pool? Versatile in its design, a pool can accommodate any sized space and budget. From infinity pools, to dipping pools, and everything in between, there are no shortage of options when it comes to this backyard feature. To help conjure up some inspiration, we’ve come up with a few unique pool ideas we think you might like. Let’s get to it!

Dipping Pools

Many homeowners who live with small or narrow backyards believe that they can’t install a swimming pool. This misconception is a popular one. Although the size of your yard does limit your options, the options that you do have are just as interesting! In fact, a swimming pool’s main purpose is to cool you down on hot summer days. Whether your pool is narrow or large, there’s no difference, the cool-down is happening either way! So, if your backyard is long and narrow, why not install a narrow swimming pool? If you’re looking to stay active, jump in and swim a few laps, or just sit-back, relax and enjoy the cool water. You can also add lighting to your dipping pool or a built-in waterfall. In fact, you can add almost any feature you would to a large swimming pool, to a small one−Only on a smaller scale. Many homeowners like to incorporate a wading pool into their small yards. A wading pool is not meant to be large, which is why it is more commonly found in small backyards. In any case, don’t hold back just because you own a small yard! There are multiple unique pool ideas to suit every yard!


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Elevated Pools/Semi-Inground Pools

If you’re looking for a unique pool idea that catches the eye, why not install an elevated pool! This pool design is commonly referred to as semi-inground pool or container pool because it looks as though it is half in the ground and half out. Many homeowners cover their pool walls with wood planks, concrete stones, or tile. Some more eclectic homeowners even install glass as pool walls, creating a fish-tank look. This option is a happy medium between an inground pool and an above ground one. In fact, an inground pool can be a big project in and of itself, whereas an above ground pool requires less in-depth renovation. However, some homeowners don’t like the look of an above ground pool, so this option caters to their aesthetic preferences.


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Seamless Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are the epitome of luxury. Pictured in celebrity backyards, 5-star resorts and in your fancy neighbor’s backyard, this unique pool idea instantly elevates your landscape design. Adding one is also the perfect way to add value to a backyard, as they are mostly rare. If your backyard overlooks a stunning view, there really is no better way to enhance the experience than to add an infinity pool. Rest your arms on the edge of your pool and enjoy the sunset with your loved ones. The experience is worth the investment!


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Family Fun Pools

If you’re thinking of adding a no-frills swimming pool to your backyard for fun-in-the-sun afternoons with the family, think traditional, functional pool designs. The classic rectangular shaped pool allows you and your loved ones to cool off during hot summer days and to splash around for hours on end. Install some non-slip pool pavers like our Ocean Grande patio slab to ensure everyone’s safety. Want to add some bells and whistles? Add some lights in the pool to enjoy this feature day and night! Maybe even a diving board or a slide for the kids to enjoy! There is no shortage of traditional, family-fun unique pool ideas to choose from.


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Above Ground Pools

The above ground pool is a classic in homes across North America. Family-friendly, functional, practical, and economical, this unique pool idea has been a go-to for decades! Although they are popular among homeowners, there is a common misconception that they offer limited design possibilities. Well, we’re here to debunk that myth!

To accompany the above ground pool, think of adding a built-in deck or an adjacent concrete patio for you and your loved ones to enjoy! Many deck ideas recommend building a deck that sits at the pool level, as it provides an upgraded entry that feels like an extension of the deck. It also enhances the swimming pool experience, as everyone is gathered around your main backyard feature. Decks and concrete patios are great for entertaining and they’re offered in an array of styles, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your above ground pool into your landscape design. Find a deck idea that suits your landscape design and get to entertaining!

Now for the surrounding landscape. If you’re not a fan of the look of an above ground pool, get creative with some strategic landscaping. Add some plush bushes around your pool with some landscape lighting, like lanterns, candles or tiki torches. You can also add some edging around the pool for a clean, put-together look.



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Double the fun

Another unique pool idea is to connect a hot tub and a swimming pool. You know, the infinity ledge hot tubs that trickle into the swimming pool. Gorgeous, practical and fun! This design idea really enhances your outdoor living experience. In fact, it allows you to enjoy two temperatures and two different experiences in one place. Take a plunge in your swimming pool and then warm up in the hot tub for ultimate relaxation. Or splash around in the pool all day and sit back in your hot tub at night after the kids are in bed. Sounds so relaxing, right? This features also serves a practical purpose, as the water trickling into the swimming pool acts as a source of heat for the pool below.


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Featured product: Aberdeen slab in Azzurro

Uniquely shaped pools

Have a uniquely shaped backyard? Customize your swimming pool to match! When homeowners think of swimming pools, they mostly think of a round-shaped above ground pool or a rectangular-shaped inground one. However, times are changing, and homeowners are starting to consider custom shapes for their water features. In fact, with many homes having irregularly shaped backyards, we’re noticing a rise in pool designs with curves and eye-catching dimensions, as well as a rise in the use of more free-flowing slabs for a truly cohesive look. Not only do they become the focus of your exterior space, but they also allow you to tailor your feature to your space’s needs. If your yard has a unique shape, don’t just conclude that a pool isn’t for you. Adjust the pool’s dimension to fit your space!


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Integrated waterfall

Another unique pool idea is to build an integrated waterfall into your swimming pool. Firstly, the sound of trickling water quiets the surrounding noise, allowing you to create your own personal oasis, essentially creating a spa-like environment. Gather around the waterfall for the ultimate relaxing experience. Not only does it create a tropical-feel in your outdoor space, but the waterfall also becomes an eye-catching feature in your backyard. Customize the feature to match your aesthetic by selecting modern, traditional, rustic or eclectic retaining wall stones to build it. Waterfalls also don’t require a lot of room, making it a great addition for both small and large pools.


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Fire & Water

Mixing fire and water features is a trend that is rapidly growing in the industry. In fact, homeowners are either mixing fire and water features or installing them near one another. In both cases, the results are, well, fire! They essentially bring out the best in each other. Water adds a refreshing and cool feel to the fire feature and the fire feature brings warmth and comfort to the water feature. It sounds farfetched, but we promise it’s true! Not only do they create a centerpiece in your outdoor space, but they enhance your outdoor living experience! After hours of fun in the pool, why not warm up by the fire with a blanket and some roasted marshmallows? Consider installing a fireplace or a fire pit right beside your pool, allowing you to use your pool well into fall. Stay warm while soaking up the last days of summer. The indoors are so overrated! Get out and get the most out of your investment.


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Featured product : Ocean Grande slab in Beige Cream

Poolside seating

Never overlook the importance of your poolside seating. It’s an integral part of creating an experience in your backyard! Think further than plastic loungers and wicker seats. Select outdoor furniture that reflects your unique style and the overall ambiance you’re trying to create in your space. Going for a tropical feel? Think rope, wood, warm colors and greenery. Not only do you want to make sure the furniture looks right, you want it to be comfortable and inviting. Afterall, the goal is to spend as much time outside as possible, right? The seating you choose creates the atmosphere as much as the pool itself, don’t overlook this step. For the ultimate resort experience, add some lounge chairs around the pool, or even in the pool. Many homeowners are installing slopes in their pools, mimicking the slope naturally found in the ocean. Add some lounge chairs there and sit back with a cocktail. Cabo who?


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Featured product : Travertina Raw slab in Ivory


There you have it, enough swimming pool design ideas to last a lifetime. Now, all you need is to find the pool pavers to make your vision come to life. Discover the collection here.






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