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Beautiful, low maintenance backyard landscaping ideas

Published by Publié par Daphne Dubois on le Jul 20, 2020 3:28:49 PM

When planning a backyard renovation, it is, first and foremost, important to think about the maintenance you’re willing to put into the space. This determination will help you choose the right products and the right design layout. You can either go the more low-maintenance route and build a concrete patio, or let nature run wild and create a more high-maintenance space. Keep reading to discover which option better suits you.

Lower maintenance concrete stones

At Techo-Bloc, we believe that outdoor spaces are made to be enjoyed, which is why we’re in the concrete business! Spend less time maintaining your backyard and more time admiring it by incorporating hardscaping elements that help keep maintenance to a minimum. Make high quality stones your highlight and let low maintenance greenery play a supporting role: It’s a perfectly pleasing way to minimize mowing and mulching and maximize your me-time. Low maintenance concrete patios allow you to customize your space according to your needs. Love to grill? Why not build a concrete outdoor kitchen and dining area? Love to sit out by the fire? Install a fire pit and built-in seating area. Add in some plush cushions and some roasted marshmallows and you’re good to go. Low maintenance landscape stones add so much versatility to an exterior space! Plus, concrete pavers are durable and require minimal maintenance, which means you and your loved ones will enjoy your backyard for years to come!


2019-CA052-0799-1Featured product: Industria Smooth slab

Nature comes at a price!

For all the nature lovers out there, get ready for hours of maintenance! If that’s ok with you, great! As we all know, grass and overall landscapes require much upkeep, whereas concrete stones do not. If you want to feel like you’re in nature, there’s a way to do it without having to compromise your time. For example, at Techo-Bloc, we offer a concrete stone that is indistinguishable from real wood and are low maintenance. Use it to pave the way in your backyard, as a retaining wall for your flowers, or even as a fire pit! We also offer many natural stone look alike pavers that will have all your guests thinking they’re real stones. The benefit of opting for these pavers is that they offer long-term durability that you don’t get with natural stones. Furthermore, dress up your backyard with low-maintenance greenery such as Japanese Boxwoods, Bamboo, Foxtail Ferns and Mountain Laurels. There is a way to combine natural elements with functional living. That’s what we strive to accomplish.


Techo-Bloc_Catalogue2018_009_Squadra_XL-Flickr-HiRes       Featured product: Squadra paver 

This article’s purpose is to show you that opting for a concrete patio doesn’t mean you’re shutting out nature. You can experience nature just as much, but in a functional way. That’s the difference. Enjoy an efficient living space in the outdoors!


Now that you’re inspired, discover the products that will help you achieve your vision!



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