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Top Landscaping Trends for 2022

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With a new year, comes new projects! If you’re planning landscape renovations this year then check out the top landscaping trends we think will take center stage in 2022.

Sustainable & Ecological Landscaping

More and more homeowners have started prioritizing sustainable products that aren’t just good for the environment but are also aesthetically pleasing. This is also true for landscaping projects. Here are a few to consider:



Xeriscaping involves choosing landscaping products that reduce the need for irrigation. This is achieved by choosing naturally drought-resistant plant species that can survive in environments with very little rainfall. This low-maintenance option is popular in dry, desert-like regions. 

Benefits of Xeriscaping

Fanatics of xeriscaping say it can reduce water use by 50-75%. Very little water is required for upkeep when it comes to xeriscaped landscapes. By saving on water, there are also cost savings. This top landscape trend is also a great choice for those looking for design ideas that add color with minimal maintenance.

Xeriscaping can reduce water use by 50%-75%.

A xeriscaped landscape is both cost-friendly and aesthetically pleasing


Biophilic Designs

With most of the world’s population living in urban areas, it is innate for us all to feel the need to connect with nature. Biophilic designs are solutions that appease our desire for nature by integrating natural elements and processes into the environment.

Benefits Biophilia

Biophilic designs introduce ways to strategically plan and decorate your landscape so that it connects with nature and provides an element of calmness. When biophilic elements are designed with care, they can maximize the view of surrounding landscapes and provide a greater amount of natural light. Decorating with images of nature or incorporating wood and earth, allows for an indirect experience with the great outdoors and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

A great example of biophilic design with our Travertina Raw cap and slab in ivory

A great example of biophilic design with our Bali Travertina Raw cap and slab in ivory


Permeable Pavers

Permeable paving surfaces allow for the proper percolation of surface water. They are made of porous material that enables stormwater to flow through them or nonporous block spaces so that water can flow between the gaps. This is a great option for driveways, entrances, backyards, parking lots, walkways, and more.

Benefits Permeable Pavers

If you’re looking for a practical and sustainable drainage system, permeable pavers are the way to go. In the summer months, they prevent flooding and puddles since they help rainfall return to the ground. They also speed up the melting process of snow in the winter and reduce ice accumulation. 

Permeable pavers are a top landscaping trend this year because it means you might be eligible for utility fee reductions, tax reductions, rebates, and other benefits from your municipality. Check in with your local government to see if they offer these incentives. To learn more about permeable pavers, check out our webpage.

Aquastorm is a stylish permeable paver

Permeable pavers like Aquastorm featured here prevent flooding and allow rainfall to return to the ground

Everyday Living

With most of us spending more time at home as a result of the pandemic, it has given us the opportunity to re-evaluate our landscape designs. Here are a few home and lifestyle trends we expect to see in 2022.


Multifunctional Spaces

Sometimes our outdoor lifestyle calls for more than what the standard porch can provide. Multifunctional spaces are great for those who work during the day and want to entertain or relax at night. We expect homeowners to invest in outdoor office spaces, outdoor cinemas, outdoor kitchens, and even exterior lounge areas so that they can make the most of their outdoor space.

Having a small space doesn't mean you need to compromise on style. Multifunctional layouts that are cleverly designed can allow you to bring different elements to your backyard area. Dedicate your space to a kitchen and dining area by customizing the look so that it fits your environment. You can also install a dipping pool or fire feature to enjoy at night.


Add a sense of playfulness to your outdoor setting


Child-Friendly Designs

Staycationning at home has become part of our reality, but keeping kids entertained can be a challenge. Have you considered built-in features like a raised playhouse? Playhouses are a great way to keep kids happy while you keep a close eye on them from the patio. 

If you’ve decided to invest in a pool instead, carefully choose your coping. Rounded coping is safer than picking a coping with sharp edges. You can also opt for non-slip stones around your pool to create a safe environment for your little ones. Discover our Blu Grande Smooth collection of paving slabs to learn more.

Spruce up a playhouse with a playful design.

Even the child-friendly parts of your backyard design can still be stylish and innovative


Entertaining at Night

Set the mood by incorporating lighting to bring out your home’s best features at night. Illuminate your pathways, front entrance or make a statement with walkways that guide your guests in style. Explore the endless possibilities with in-lite outdoor lighting. You might also want to consider top landscaping trends like our custom features that make your home feel unique and special such as an outdoor kitchen, screen for movies or fire pit.

Bring the indoors out with these incredible mosaic designs and features like fire pits.

The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to our Mosaic Guide


Let’s Talk About Aesthetics

From an aesthetic standpoint, we expect the trends to be anything but boring. Here are our landscape predictions for the coming year: 

Natural Feels

An outdoor space is already in nature, but imagine maintaining that flow of curved edges, soft textures and all-natural tones to really help connect you with your surroundings. Just like xeriscaping and bioliphic designs, choosing softer-edged products to inspire your outdoor space, including pool caps and even rounded furniture pieces, will help bring nature into even the most technical designs.   

Go Bold With Colours

If you’re tired of beige and want your backyard to stand out from the crowd, give it a boost with some lively colors. Adding brightness to your designs will allow you to spice up any monochromatic space. Personalize your project and add an element of surprise. Your neighbors, friends, and family are sure to notice! Techo-Bloc products come in 18 colors, including Merlot, a fiery red available in multiple collections.

Add vibrancy to your outdoor space with colored pavers.

Add a splash of intensity with the Westmount Merlot paver 


Art Anywhere

With just a bit of creativity and artistic flair, your outdoors can be transformed into a real-life masterpiece. At ground level, use slabs and pavers to create geometric patterns and motifs. Choose from timeless classics like herringbone and checkerboard patterns to more eclectic geometric and parquet patterns featured in our Mosaics guide

Keep the theme going by adding conversation starters on the walls. It’s a great way to bring an element of design and sophistication to small backyards, where space for furniture or bigger features might be limited.

Add an artistic element to your outdoor living space.

Have fun with your designs and explore geometric patterns (even on the wall) and different colors together!


Get more inspiration for your 2022 landscape renovations by downloading our Inspiring Artscapes Catalog.


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