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By Julie Dionne • May 3, 2019

Transform Your Backyard into a Weekday Getaway: 5 Ways to Turn Your Yard into a Tranquil Spa


What if you had your own private spa location, where you could retreat to whenever you wanted to relax? If you have been wondering what to do with your outdoor space, turning it into a peaceful sanctuary could be the perfect choice. By turning your backyard into your very own 5-star resort, you can enjoy a relaxing staycation anytime you feel like it. It's easier than you think to create your personal spa location.

1. Build a Patio

While a green and luscious lawn provides a great space for running around, it's not always what you want out of your backyard. Even if you leave some space for a lawn, you need to create a space suitable for lounging and relaxing if you want your own private sanctuary. A patio is ideal for giving you this space, making it easy to add furniture and other outdoor features that will give you somewhere to relax. With a patio, you can add sofas, chairs and loungers, and even integrate a hot tub, so you have the perfect place to relax. Our outdoor kitchen items, like our pizza ovens and Grill Island, as well as our fire pits are excellent additions to any patio space.

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2. Install a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are the ultimate in relaxation when you're planning on adding something new to your backyard. You can use them in almost all weathers, and there's room enough for at least two. In your hot tub, you can turn on the jets, sip a glass of champagne and maybe enjoy some chocolate-dipped strawberries too. There are several different types to consider, including portable hot tubs that you can fold away when you're not currently using them.


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3. Get a Pool

If you have enough space, a pool is also a fantastic addition if you want to turn your backyard into a private spa. Luxury resorts often have swimming pools, where you can swim a few laps, do some aqua aerobics or just float about with your favorite cocktail. And, of course, you can spend your time lounging by the pool, whether you stretch out on a lounger or dip your feet in to cool down on a hot day.

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4. Create Privacy

To truly create a sanctuary in your yard, you need to be able to feel like you're not being watched over by neighbours or passersby. This can easily be solved by creating privacy in your outdoor space. There are several methods you can use, from putting up fencing to planting tall hedges or trees and even having a roof or pergola to create privacy from above. Some of these methods are excellent for soundproofing your space too.

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5. Add a Water Feature

If you want to add some relaxing sounds to your backyard spa, there are some great ways to do that. A water feature adds something calming that you can watch and listen to if there's moving water. You could also consider things like wind chimes or even install an outdoor speaker so that you can play your choice of relaxing music or sounds while outdoors.

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There's no need to travel to find the perfect vacation spot. Your own backyard can become your personal sanctuary.




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