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How This Homeowner Turned Her Rotting Deck into a Timeless Contemporary Space

Published by Publié par Naiby Jacques on le May 24, 2017 9:58:51 AM

We’re fans of pushing boundaries and breaking the mold for what people should expect of concrete.

So when we got to meet Kirstine Stewart, one of North America’s most reformist media executives, we didn’t even attempt to hide our excitement.

Named one of Canada’s most powerful business people in 2016, Kirstine has a reputation for ripping out the old and bringing a whole new spin to it. She did it as the youngest CEO in the history of CBC television — transforming the outdated network into the highest rated TV channel in Canada — and again at Twitter North America where she got the social media platform into the TV broadcasting game.

That’s our kind of spirit! Especially when you dive into the background story through her book “Our Turn”. It explores the trials and tribulations of her quest to break down stereotypes and bring a new sense of leadership to the corporate world that’s in-tune with today’s values.

The corporate crusader, wife, and mother of two has a timeless elegance about her.

But as soon as you begin diving into solid conversation, her progressive mindset is striking. For this project, Kristine and her husband “wanted something that felt like a Manhattan rooftop". 

We were quick to understand why she chose the Borealis slab to replace her old wooden deck.

When the couple learned that they could have something that looked very natural to wood but without the maintenance, this choice was a no-brainer for them.

Her traditionalist eye coupled with her new and better ways mindset was perfectly in-line with our thinking when we designed the product that looks and feels like wood but is made of concrete.


Wood look for deck Featured here is the Borealis slab & edge


“Before the renovation, you didn’t feel this kind of openness at all. The rooftop was cluttered, and the wood deck was rotting. I liked the look of the wood but overtime it rots and we wanted to avoid anything that was high maintenance.”

The result of those decisions is a roof deck built with quality materials and a subtle color pallet with a 360-degree unobstructed view of the city. You can instantly feel the calming effect she created just above the hustle and bustle of Toronto’s downtown streets.



Wood look for deck Featured here is the Borealis slab & edge


Morning coffee is a personal ritual of Kirstine that allows her to take time for herself before the day begins. Evenings are for family time with outdoor grilling and alfresco dinners while weekends are for entertaining and receiving guests.

 “Motherhood has taught me about time management and how to be present in the moment; what’s important for my time right now?“

The world is going to move at its own pace. 

Sometimes the only way for you to keep up is to take the time to stop.




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