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Poolside floor design ideas to elevate your backyard

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Alright, picture this: you're lounging by the pool, drink in hand, soaking up the sun's rays. But what's under your feet? That's right - the pool flooring! It's not just there for looks; it's the unsung hero that amps up the entire pool experience. In this comprehensive article, we will dive into the latest trends in pool flooring and uncover our wide selection of pavers and slabs that will help you dress up your pool and elevate your backyard. So let's splash into the world of pool flooring and see how it's all about keeping things chic from the ground up! 

The Art of Mixing and Matching Patio Slabs and Pavers


Let's kick things up a notch in your backyard design game. Imagine this: a playground of possibilities where you're not confined to a single type of patio slab or paver. We're talking about creating visually striking designs by seamlessly blending different textures, colors, and shapes. 

For this particular project, we combined our versatile Para patio slab with the textured allure of our Squadra paver. The result? A mesmerizing pool floor pattern that draws the eye and adds a whole new layer of sophistication to your outdoor haven. 

Gone are the days of sticking to just one look. By mastering the art of mixing and matching, you open up a world of design options for your pool flooring that are limited only by your imagination. It's about breaking free from the conventional and crafting an outdoor space that's uniquely yours. 

Elevate Your Backyard Design With Texture

Primer_TechoBloc_Series-2020_012_OceanGrande (1)

Let's talk about turning your backyard into a sensory wonderland. Choosing pavers and patio slabs with texture to dress your pool flooring can completely elevate your landscape design. 

For this project, we transformed these homeowners' outdoor space into a tropical oasis using our Ocean Grande patio slab. This textured gem isn't just about looks; it's intricate veins evoke ocean shores, creating an interesting tactile experience. And here's the bonus: it stays cool under feet even on the hottest summer days. So, whether you're by the pool or hosting a gathering, this textured pool flooring adds a touch of luxury that's as practical as it is stunning. 

Less is More: Embrace Timeless Minimalism with Modern Pavers

pool-coping-Bullnose-Grande-couronnement-de-piscine-TB2022_Round-pool_GENERAL_1B-Edit_2 (1)

When it comes to pool flooring, no need to complicate things - the idea is to let one element shine. In this project, for example, we really let the pool do the talking by laying down our gorgeous Para patio slab in Greyed Nickel. This modern paver in a uniform hue is the epitome of timeless charm. Its quiet elegance adds a touch of sophistication that effortlessly elevates both your pool area and your home's exterior. 

It's all about embracing the mantra of ''less is more''. This design idea is a breath of fresh air, letting you create a serene oasis that stands the test of time. 

Embrace the Natural Stone Look


Yearning for that classic, traditional touch without compromising on durability? We've got a pool flooring idea that's the best of both worlds, merging the allure of natural stone aesthetics with the strength of concrete. 

Allow us to introduce you to our Travertina Raw patio slab. It's the perfect embodiment of this concept, offering the look of natural Travertine while being crafted from robust concrete. This means you get that rustic, earthy vibe without the worries of wear and tear. 

Unveiling the Dark Modern Aesthetic


A new trend in pool flooring is embracing bold, modern aesthetics such as darker colors. This particular project features our modern Hexa 60 patio slab in Onyx Black. Not only does this slab's unique shape add an eye-catching element to the design, but so does its color! 

This trend encourages experimentation, defying norms for a unique outdoor space. From minimalist elegance to daring contrasts, dark colors usher us into a contemporary era. It's where darkness meets design, and your space becomes the canvas. 

These pool flooring ideas are just the beginning of your outdoor transformation. For more inspiration and design possibilities, dive into our landscape catalog. Discover the concrete stones that will make your space truly extraordinary. Your dream backyard awaits - explore our catalog today! 


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