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The Top Outdoor Kitchen Trends of 2020

Published by Publié par Daphne Dubois on le Mar 8, 2020 2:00:00 PM

Outdoor kitchens have been a growing trend for some time now. According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA), Americans are spending more time outside and are therefore installing outdoor kitchens in their yards. Gone are the days when homeowners were satisfied with just a rolling barbecue cart. Grill masters are taking center stage and are requesting fully functional kitchens with all the bells and whistles.  


F_V2_2020-CA065_DSC7018-1     Featured products: Blu 60 Smooth patio slab and Squadra paver 

1. Flexibility is key 

The growing trend at the moment is flexibility. Homeowners want options in the form of add-ons. They’re looking for side burners, mini-fridges, storage space, and more. They also want a feature that can move with them. According to a study conducted by the United States Census Bureau, Americans move an average of 11.7 times in their lifetime. Many factors explain this high number: Upsizing or downsizing of the home, job relocation, marriage or retirement, changing of neighborhoods, etc. Nevertheless, homeowners are moving around and they need to be reassured that when they invest in a high-quality feature such as an outdoor kitchen, they can enjoy it wherever they go. The five outdoor kitchen models we've designed, in collaboration with Urban Bonfire, speak to this growing trend. In fact, each kitchen is designed with Aluminum, making them light and easy to transport. Furthermore, this collection's modular system allows you to detach and reassemble each cabinet from one location to the next! There's no reason to leave your Urban Bonfire kitchen behind! 


1-Terra_Slate       Featured product: Terra outdoor kitchen

2. Quality is a must 

Homeowners are also demanding quality construction, durability, and a product that they can use year-round for many years to come. Nothing is more frustrating than investing in a product or feature only for it to fall apart over time. Winters are long and harsh, therefore, more homeowners are looking for features that require little maintenance and that will stand the test of time. The choice of materials is key for guaranteed peace of mind. After all, it's more cost-effective to invest more up-front in a quality product than to purchase a lower-end feature that you'll eventually need to replace, right? Our Urban Bonfire kitchens are built with Marine Grade Aluminum, making them not only functional, but durable and of high quality. 


F_V2_2020-US075_DSC1502-1       Featured products: Graphix retaining wall and Hexa 60 patio slab

3. Functionality: the word on everyone's mind 

Another growing trend is functionality. One way to achieve this trend is though open shelves. According to a Kitchen Trend Study conducted by Houzz, open shelves are highly requested by homeowners when updating their kitchens. It doesn't take much – a few shelves can really draw the eye and make a small space look bigger. So why not bring this design trend to the outdoors! Add some shelves in your outdoor kitchen to store your tableware when hosting your next dinner party. Another way to add functionality to your outdoor kitchen is by adding accessories such as drawers and a retractable refuse and recycling bin. No need to run back and forth from the backyard to the kitchen to grab all the essentials, everything is at arms reach! Two of our Urban Bonfire kitchens are equipped with three shelves, making them the ultimate accessories for hosting parties! 


5-Coast (Dune-Danae) (1)       Featured product: Coast Outdoor Kitchen

4. Side burners are the new stoves

Word is starting to spread: side burners are in! This add-on allows you to bring the functionality of a stove to the outdoors. Instead of running back and forth between your indoor and outdoor kitchens, grill and cook on one surface. Let your outdoor kitchen satisfy all your cooking needs. Imagine grilling your steak and veggies while cooking up some rice on your side burner all on one feature. More people are ditching their indoor kitchens and are embracing this new way of life in 2020! Two of our Urban Bonfire outdoor kitchens have been designed with an Aspire by Hestan double side burner, allowing the grill master in you to get everything cooked on one surface! 


4-Bay_Slate         Featured product: Bay Outdoor Kitchen

5. Outdoor Kitchens are the main attraction 

Have you ever noticed how, during dinner parties, everyone gathers around the kitchen to talk with each other and with the hosts? This behavior is now making its way to the outdoors!  Outdoor kitchens are becoming the focal points of homes. Not only are they used for cooking, but they're also being used for entertaining. With a fully functional kitchen with a sizable grill and built-in mini fridge, you'll be able to prepare meals for your guests, while fixing drinks all at the same time! Not only are our Urban Bonfire outdoor kitchens functional and of the highest quality, but they also add visual appeal to your outdoor space. You will find that with an Urban Bonfire kitchen, you and your loved ones will be spending more time outside than ever before!


2019-CA027-7926-2Featured products: Raffinato Smooth Retaining Wall and Travertina Raw patio slab


You won't find another outdoor kitchen out there that provides you with functionality, durability, flexibility, style, and that is of superior quality. We've thought of everything with this collaboration so you can enjoy it fully with complete peace of mind. Fire up the grill!  

Discover our Urban Bonfire Collection! Which model best suits you? 




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