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5 gorgeous paver driveway ideas to make your house front standout

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So, you're looking to increase your home's curb appeal and give your property a fresh new look. Have you ever considered upgrading your driveway? You may not think twice about where you park your car, but the right paving stones and laying pattern can transform your driveway into a real conversation piece.

Just like any other home improvement project, you'll be faced with tons of different options when it's time to choose your perfect pavers. Here are a few of our favorite driveway paver ideas for patterns, from ultra-modern to eternally elegant, that will get your creative juices flowing (and people's heads turning).

Timeless herringbone 

The herringbone pattern is one of the most popular paving configurations around – and for good reason. This distinguished design typically uses 4” x 8” paving stones (though their size can vary slightly), and is installed at either a 90-degree or 45-degree angle vis a vis the front of the home.

It can be rare for a home decor style to remain popular for decades, but if anything, herringbone has only become more elegant over time. Google Trends revealed that the searches with the term “herringbone” increased by over 110% in the past 12 months, proving that this pattern is going stronger than ever.

Our traditional Mika pavers are the perfect base for a herringbone driveway: these interlocking concrete stones are conveniently permeable and resistant to de-icing salt for unparalleled longevity. You might also find your perfect match in our Westmount collection, a contemporary show-stopper that can be configured in three different herringbone layouts (and then some). Think outside of the box and make Herringbone a statement with larger or more unique pavers such as our Sleek or Aquastorm collections.



Featured product: : Mika

Sleek running bond

Running bond pattern is one of the classic landscaping and decor layouts: it can be spotted anywhere from trendy subway tile to stately pool coping. This familiar driveway paver pattern is incredibly tasteful, and speaks volumes with its understated elegance. Each course – or line of pavers – is offset by one half of a stone, which is great for durability and creates a satisfyingly streamlined aesthetic in the process.

Our modern Travertina Raw paver is perfectly suited for a running bond driveway. This collection offers an array of colors to choose from, giving your project a personalized feel to match the exterior of your home.

If a rustic, cottage-inspired style is more your speed, our Pure pavers will have you feeling right at home. This collection features slight color variations within each of its four palettes, giving your driveway an easy, natural aesthetic that still looks fabulously tied together. Our Pure collection is designed to let water percolate into the ground, reducing the risk of flooding and puddles while speeding up the snow melting process during the wintertime.


Westmount Pavers

Featured product: : Westmount pavers in shale grey and onyx black


Statement mosaic 

If you’ve got a larger amount of space to work with, why not opt for a mosaic-inspired design that turns your driveway into an outdoor statement piece? By making a few calculated cuts to your chosen paving stones, you can create a magnificent eye-catching design that will make your home feel like an estate.

Our Sleek pavers are large and stately, offering a number of different layout possibilities. Use two different Sleek colorways to create a checkerboard pattern, or go for a timeless herringbone motif.


Sleek Pavers in greyed nickel

pavers-sleek-paves-01079_2701_pipavers-sleek-paves-01079_2701_piFeatured product: : Sleek pavers in greyed nickel

Ultra-modern geometric style 

Take a walk on the wild side and dabble in irregular shapes and geometric pavers. If you are looking to amp up your home with a little originality, explore shapes that will have passersby stopping to take a second look, you’re primed and ready to experiment with something a little more adventurous than the norm.

A paver driveway idea outfitted with our Hexa 100 collection is bound to be the talk of the town – or at least the talk of the block! Available in five colorways, these elongated hexagonal pavers can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content. Use a single color for an ultra-sharp uniform aesthetic, or use a complementary shade to create contrasting streaks.

Our Diamond Smooth paver is another great option for playing with angles, colors, and textures to create a unique design for your driveway. Thanks to this stone’s versatile shape, you can create a huge range of patterns, including checkerboards, zig-zags, and cubic illusions.

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg, though: these pavers’ uniquely sleek design are a blank canvas for your creativity. Feel free to tie in multiple colorways to create a show-stopping abstract design.


Diamond Smooth Pavers in charcoal

pavers-sleek-paves-01079_2701_piFeatured product: : Diamond Smooth pavers in charcoal

Delightfully randomized

Organized patterns can certainly be pleasing to the eye, but there’s also something to be said for a little whimsy when it comes to landscaping. Designing a paver driveway that includes a variety of different-sized stones from the same collection can create a “random” laying pattern that’s tied together by a common theme.

Our rugged Mista concrete pavers are one such option. Mix-and-match Mista’s full array of pavers for a modular driveway that has an incredible amount of movement without sacrificing its bumpy edges, luxurious lines.


Blu Smooth paver in shale grey

pavers-sleek-paves-01079_2701_piFeatured product: : Blu Smooth paver in shale grey

Rustic cobblestone

If you're looking to have a little piece of Europe in your outdoor space, cobblestone is the perfect option for your driveway design. It has the ability to charm like no other, and is especially well-suited for spaces that have a slightly irregular shape. Since cobblestone-style pavers are smaller than other varieties, they make it easier to accommodate curves and angles that might be challenging to fill using square or rectangular stones. 

Our Antika permeable pavers and Villagio permeable pavers can be used to outfit your entire driveway, or delicately frame a particular section. These collections are built to withstand harsh winters, temperature fluctuations, and de-icing salt – and in case that wasn’t enough assurance, they also come with a lifetime warranty. 


Villagio Pavers

pavers-sleek-paves-01079_2701_piFeatured product: : Villagio pavers in sandlewood and shale grey

Design your driveway the right way

Your driveway is one of the very first things you see when you approach a property. It guides the eye from sidewalk to doorstep, beckons guests inside, and welcomes you home at the end of a long day. So, if you’ve never thought twice about your asphalt driveway, now’s the time to unlock its true potential.

Techo–Bloc has mastered the art of yard and driveway landscaping: our catalog boasts an outstanding array of paver driveway ideas that will turn the front of your property into a work of art, whether your decor style leans rustic, modern, traditional, or somewhere in between. With our vast selection of driveway paver ideas, you'll find the perfect inspiration to create a stunning and inviting driveway that complements your home's architecture and reflects your personal style.



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