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8 Stunning Options for Driveway Pavers

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Driveways are a homeowner’s chance to make a good first impression. In fact, they are most likely the first thing that a guest will notice when they pull up to your home. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that out-of-the-box driveway designs have been sweeping the industry over the past couple years. Homeowners have left behind the grey asphalt driveways of the past and embraced the standout patterns and colors of the future to fuel your driveway ideas.

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This new trend is not surprising considering manufacturers like Techo-Bloc have been stepping up their game by creating unique concrete pavers with eye-catching colors, textures and scales. Our concrete pavers bring art into your outdoor experiences and ignite each and everyone’s spark for design.

As outdoor trend-setters, we live to create and breathe life into the materials that will allow design lovers of all styles to transform regular spaces into stand-out-from-the-crowd statements. Need some inspiration? Check out these 8 stunning options for driveway pavers.

1. Brick inspired paver

Brick has been a part of North American architecture for centuries — you would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy the traditional, classic, timeless feel of a brick landscape. Brick house, brick driveway, sounds ideal, right? In terms of aesthetics, yes. However, brick, when exposed to vehicular traffic and harsh freeze-thaw climates, can easily crack.

With that mind, we at Techo-Bloc have designed a brick lookalike concrete paver that offers you the same warmth and traditional look of a classic brick driveway, but with more durability and resistance.

Introducing our Mika paver! This exciting take on a new-age brick is offered in three alluring colors, offering you some creative freedom. Discover our Mika paver to channel a traditional brick driveway with guaranteed durability!


Featured product: Mika 

2. Permeable pavers

Are you looking to create a standout driveway design idea that also respects your ecological values? If so, allow me to introduce you to our permeable concrete pavers! Our permeable pavement system allows water to pass through the paving stone joints and seep into the ground naturally. It also filters out suspended solids and pollutants, keeping them from polluting the water system. Homeowners are more aware than ever of the crucial need to review our traditional ways of handling stormwater. We need to better protect the environment, our infrastructures and properties.

Techo-Bloc has been a pioneer and strong advocate of permeable pavements for the last 10 years and we are proud to offer you permeable concrete pavers that don’t compromise on style.

Take our Aquastorm permeable paver. This unique driveway paver creates an eye-catching effect, while providing a stormwater management solution for your driveway. This environmentally friendly concrete paver allows grass to grow between it, perfect for the modern home that enjoys linear looks and green initiatives! Your driveway will surely turn heads with this eco-friendly, modern paver!

Our permeable paver Aquastorm in a driveway design

Featured products: Aquastorm

3. Rustic farmhouse

When one thinks of a rustic driveway, a warm, earth-toned paver most certainly comes to mind. Rustic design is in tune with nature and should channel traditional elements. With that in mind, we believe that our Pure paver is the perfect driveway paver option for a rustic landscape design. This concrete stone channels the look of cobblestone, but on a larger scale.

Available in four earth-toned colors, Pure can be mixed and matched with any exterior elements. It can also be installed in a permeable application, allowing for the proper percolation of surface water. Warm up your driveway and embrace rustic design with our Pure concrete paver!

Our Pure paver in a driveway application

Featured product: Pure 

4. Diamonds are a homeowner’s best friend

Our Diamond Smooth paver is probably our most eye-catching, head-turning, jaw-dropping paver on the market. Its shape brings a kaleidoscope effect to modern architectural design and makes it the most creatively flexible modern-style concrete paver out there. Lay Diamond in a linear pattern or create a cube effect that will have people staring at your driveway for hours.

Available in six different colors, the freedom to design is yours to claim — perfect for contemporary design lovers and homeowners who want to let their creativity run wild!

Our Diamond Smooth paver in a driveway application

Featured product: Diamond Smooth

5. Sleek is the name of the game

Are you a modern minimalist? Do you love sleek textures and uniformity? Then our Sleek paver is for you! At its core, modern architectural design is characterized by being clean-lined, hard-edged and minimalistic. It really stays true to the saying that less is more.

Sleek offers a hyper smooth texture in a large format paving stone. Its extremely tight surface texture and limited joint space creates a unified look in your driveway. This driveway paver is available in six contemporary colors, allowing you to match it perfectly to your home’s exterior. Polish off your driveway landscaping with Sleek!

Our Sleek paver in a driveway application

Featured product: Sleek 


6. Keeping things traditional

Everyone loves traditional design. Even if you don’t want it for your home, nobody can deny the charm that a traditional landscape design provides. The aesthetic that we grew up seeing, and that somehow, always reminds us of home. At its core, traditional landscape design provides a timeless appeal to your home. In fact, the goal with this design is to create a look that never goes out of style.

With that in mind, we believe that our Eva driveway paver is the way to go if you gravitate towards traditionalism. Eva’s chiseled and sculpted surface charms its onlookers with its unique slate/flagstone texture. Available in five different colors, have peace of mind knowing that your investment will stand the test of time!


Our Eva paver in a driveway application

Featured product: Eva 

7. Euro-chic

When dreaming of Europe; the food, the art, and the architecture, cobblestone streets most certainly come to mind. So chic, so quaint, so European! In the spirit of bringing a little bit of Europe across the pond, we’ve designed a cobblestone inspired concrete paver to charm driveways all across North America.

Allow me to introduce you to our Villagio paver. Even the name sounds charming! Inspired by beautiful European century-old streets, refine your driveway with the Villagio paver. Available in eight different colors, this paver is also de-icing salt resistant and can withstand harsh freeze-thaw climates. Get the look of cobblestone in a much more durable material!

Our Villagio paver in a driveway application

Featured product: Villagio 

8. Herringbone

Bringing the indoors out has been a major trend in 2020. For that reason, we’ve been seeing more herringbone patterns dressing landscapes across the country than ever before, and frankly, we’re loving it!

Herringbone patterns have been around forever, but not many homeowners have thought of including them in their exterior spaces, until now. Homeowners and designers alike are gravitating towards our Westmount driveway paver to create classic designs in their landscapes. Its perfectly clean lines will bring flair and definition to any landscape renovation project!

Our Westmount paver in a driveway application

Featured product: Westmount 


Now that we’ve ignited your creative spark, try out our estimation tool to get an idea of the approximate cost of your dream driveway design!


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