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Best exterior home design trends for 2023

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The name of the game in 2023 is modern home design. Homeowners have really turned to their outdoor space and have thought of original ways to enhance their surroundings. Designers have also shown us that there are many ways to make the most out of an outdoor space, big or small. Little additions here and there, as well as strategic floor planning can really transform your backyard into the ultimate outdoor living environment – a place where you and your friends and family can gather for vacation-worthy days and nights. Cook up a 5-star restaurant meal in your outdoor kitchen and end the night by the fire under the stars. With a little TLC, you can create a backyard you won’t ever want to leave!

Here are some exterior home design ideas and trends for modern homes that are taking center stage going into 2023.

Playing with fire, and water

One of the biggest exterior home design trends in 2023 is adding a fire pit or fireplace to your outdoor space Creating an outdoor living environment means adding pieces to your backyard design that will make you and your loved ones want to head to the backyard. A fire pit or fireplace is a great way to draw everyone outside. No matter the weather, a fire pit or fireplace is always a good idea! This may be one of the most cost-effective additions you can add to your backyard, since it’s a 4-season feature. Create a cozy outdoor living room with a built-in fireplace or opt for a fire pit with built-in seating wrapped around! This feature has the potential to be the standout piece of your backyard design. Express your unique style by installing a custom wood fire pit with our Borealis retaining wall or a traditional rock fire pit with our Brandon retaining wall. No matter the style of your home, whether traditional or modern, we have a retaining wall option for you!

Another big exterior home design trend is mixing fire and water to create a unique contrast in an outdoor space. Think of adding a fire pit near your pool or hot tub. How about a water fountain near your fire pit or fireplace? Enjoy the relaxing sounds of crackling fire and trickling water all at once! Are you the owner of a lakehouse? If so, place your fire pit near the lake so you can enjoy both water and fire for the ultimate outdoor living experience. 


Brandon retaining wall and Blu Smooth pavers

Featured product :  Brandon retaining wall and Blu Smooth pavers

Vacation that lasts a lifetime

In the spirit of creating a staycation environment, think of adding elements to your space that you would usually go out to enjoy. For example, bars and restaurants. By adding a custom bar and outdoor kitchen, you’ve essentially brought the fun to your backyard! Not only are these features practical, but they also allow you to express your creativity. Select some standout concrete stones and create custom pieces you’ll enjoy for years to come!


Blu Grande Smooth patio slabs in Shale Grey

Featured product : Blu Grande Smooth patio slabs in Shale Grey


A big exterior home design trend right now is an at-home bar. Who needs to go downtown when the best bar in town is in your backyard? Not only can you design a backyard that is fun for kids, but for adults as well! Once the kids go to bed, gather the grown-ups around your custom bar for some cocktails and good conversation. Add a pergola and some string lights and you’ve just set the best ambiance in the neighborhood. With so many retaining wall options to choose from, the design possibilities are endless. For a modern option, think of using our Graphix retaining wall. You’ll quickly be crowned the coolest bar in the city!



Featured Product : Raffinato Smooth retaining wall and Travertina Raw slab

Outdoor Kitchens

Let’s be honest, good times are mostly spent around good food. A great exterior home idea is incorporating an outdoor kitchen into your backyard home design. Put on your chef’s hat and get to cooking! For the ultimate outdoor living experience, install an outdoor dining room right next to the kitchen. Gather the family around the table and serve up the best food in town! Our wide selection of retaining wall stones allow you to express your unique style by designing your own custom outdoor kitchen. Looking for a more modern look? Discover our Raffinato wall! Prefer a more rustic feel? Try our Borealis or Brandon retaining walls. 


Raffinato Smooth retaining wall in Greyed Nickel

Featured product : Raffinato Smooth retaining wall in Greyed Nickel

Make waves, right at home

A water feature is a must in an exterior home design! If you’re working with a large piece of land, a swimming pool is a great add-on. However, if your backyard is on the smaller side, might we recommend a dipping pool or a hot tub? These three features offer you and your guests an opportunity to cool off during the summer months and a place to warm up during the colder ones. Add a few lights in and around them to create the ultimate ambiance! How about adding a wide slope to create a lounging area in your pool? Throw in a few lounge chairs to make you and your loved ones feel like you’re relaxing in a tropical paradise. You’ll thank us for it later! Homeowners are also adding large stepping stones to their swimming pools, connecting the feature to the rest of their concrete landscape. This addition creates focus around the pool and ties the entire landscape together nicely. Discover Techo-Bloc’s large array of patio slabs and pool coping options to match your water feature to your personal style!


Travertina Raw patio slab in Beige Creme

Featured product : Travertina Raw patio slab in Beige Creme

Gather under the pergola

Pergolas are a big exterior home trend this year. A pergola will allow you to create some shade in your yard all while adding some architectural appeal!  They’re also super versatile and can be dressed-up! Add some string lights to your pergola for a starry-night feel! Or how about some vertical plants for an enchanted garden ambiance? Add a pergola over your outdoor kitchen, dining area, fire pit– wherever you see fit! This versatile lounging area will definitely set the mood in your backyard!


Hexa pavers in Shale Grey

Featured product : Hexa pavers in Shale Grey

Shine a light on the great outdoors

Lighting is key to setting a mood, inside and outside! When it comes to the backyard, there are different ways for you to create an ambiance that’ll draw you and your loved ones outdoors. A popular exterior home design idea is to add string lights to your backyard pergola. String lights are a quick and effective way to set the mood in any space! If you have a swimming pool, add a few lights inside the pool to create a fun ambiance for swimming after dark. Lights can be added pretty much anywhere! How about adding some to your retaining walls? Particularly the wall that doubles as your bar! A fun night out at the city’s best bar deserves some mood lighting. Try adding lights to your garden retaining walls, creating an enchanted garden feel. And don’t forget your pavers and slabs! Add some lights to your concrete stones to create unique patterns that catch the eye and that lead your loved ones to their destination in a safe and effective manner. 


Raffinato Smooth retaining wall in Greyed Nickel

Featured product : Raffinato Smooth retaining wall in Greyed Nickel

Landscapes that nurture nature

Green spaces are a big exterior home design trend in 2023! Homeowners are gravitating toward natural elements such as wood and greenery in their exteriors. In fact, homeowners are embracing nature by allowing it to be the main focus in their spaces. They’re learning to design with it and not in spite of it. Our retaining wall options are being sought after to create clever flower beds and planters. Homeowners are also turning to large stepping stones to allow for greenery to grow between slabs and pavers. Creating an oasis in the middle of nature is what homeowners are striving for this year. 

Wood is also a growing exterior home trend and has become a go-to material for the outdoors. The con of this new trend is that natural elements are difficult to maintain and don’t hold up well in the outdoors. In fact, when faced with outdoor elements such as rain or snow, wood rots quickly. With that in mind, we’ve designed a wood lookalike slab and retaining wall. Add some wood accents to your green space with complete peace of mind! Borealis is offered in three alluring colors and is maintenance-free. Dress the floor with our wood slabs or add Borealis edging to segment your exterior. The choice is yours! 


Borealis retaining wall and  Blu Grande Smooth patio slab

Featured product : Borealis retaining wall and  Blu Grande Smooth patio slab

One-of-a-kind designs

This year, the big exterior home design trend is to create original spaces that reflect your unique style. To accomplish that, homeowners are playing with our extensive selection of textures, colors and scales, and creating unique combinations that stand out from the crowd. Our Hexa 60 patio slab offers a unique geometric look that many homeowners and designers install in their backyards by mixing its different colors. By doing so, they create eye-catching patterns that you don’t see very often. Our Ocean Grande slab offers a sandy ocean shore texture that makes one feel like they’re in a tropical resort. That’s the power of colors, textures and scales! They can set the tone for the experience you’ll have in a space. Our extensive selection of concrete stones allows you to get creative and mix and match pavers and slabs for a unique look that reflects your personal style! 

Custom designs also include one-of-a-kind pieces that really stand out. As previously mentioned, homeowners are creating custom outdoor kitchens and bars. But what about designing a custom dining set or fire pit? We’re also seeing a rise in custom furniture pieces such as sofas and lounge chairs. Add some plush pillows and blankets to them and you’ve got yourself some stylish, comfortable seating for you and your loved ones to enjoy!


Valet pavers and Blu 80 Smooth pavers

Featured product: Valet pavers and Blu 80 Smooth pavers

Small space, big impression

In 2023, small backyards are considered an exterior home design trend. Homeowners aren’t limiting themselves creatively due to space, and they shouldn’t! With a little strategic floor planning, you can design a small backyard that leaves a huge impression! Greenery is a must in small spaces. With small backyard or rooftop designs, think vertical. That’s right! Create a vertical garden using a wood trellis or lattice. Add some flowers and plants, maybe a few hanging pots, and watch as your courtyard garden comes to life. Bonus: It also creates some intimacy in your space and makes you feel like you’re tucked in your personal oasis. Built-in seating and storage space is also important in small spaces. Many homeowners are adding custom benches that run along the walls, saving space and providing adequate seating for everyone! Elevating your small backyard or rooftop patio is also a great way to maximize every inch of your space. It adds dimension and allows you to define your landscape effectively. Discover more exterior home design ideas for small backyards. 



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