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How much is a yard renovation and where to begin.

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Moving forward with that yard renovation you’ve been dreaming about sounds great, right? You’ve created mood boards on Pinterest, you’ve got your color scheme down, now it’s time to begin. For many of you, thinking of the next step after finding your inspiration never came up until now. With the design part over, you may find yourself asking what to do next. Well, you’re not alone. A landscape project can be very overwhelming if you’ve never done one before. The steps to take may seem confusing, especially when it comes to budgeting. What does a yard renovation cost? How do I get an estimate? Both are valid questions, which is why we’ve gathered all the information you need to move forward with your landscape vision.

Identifying your purpose and price range

Firstly, once you’ve decided on moving forward with your overdue landscape renovation, you must first identify its purpose and your price range. What is the purpose of this project? Is it to create a more comfortable outdoor space for you and your loved ones to enjoy? Or maybe you want to spruce up your yard in order to sell your home? Your price range will also allow you to prioritize what you really need.


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Creating the ultimate outdoor experience

In the spirit of staying home this year, many homeowners are creating outdoor spaces that reflect their indoors: comfortable, stylish and functional. To do so, homeowners are adding concrete patios to their backyards with flooring reminiscent of indoor materials, such as wood, ceramic, marble, etc. Our Borealis patio slabs are very popular at the moment because of their indistinguishable resemblance to real wood. Our Everest slab is also gaining steam in neighborhoods all across North America because of its similarity to indoor tile. To further enhance outdoor spaces, fireplaces and fire pits are being added to backyards, as are custom outdoor seating with retaining walls such as our Graphix wall. This retaining wall is also used to create contemporary backyard bars and outdoor kitchens. Who needs to go out when you’ve got the best restaurant and bar at home? Enough about the adults though, what about features for the kids? Water features, swimming pools and smaller dipping pools have become very popular additions in 2020 and going into 2021.

It goes without saying that creating an outdoor living experience full of fun features is going to cost you. However, there are ways for you to overcome budget challenges by cutting in areas that won’t affect your overall vision. We gathered different ways for you to save money in this article!   



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Sprucing up to increase your property value

If your intention is to spruce up your yard to sell your home, there are some basic renovations you can do that won’t put a dent in your budget. In real estate, landscaping is probably the best and easier, more affordable way to increase your home value. In fact, healthy trees, colorful flowers and a neatly trimmed lawn instantly add visual appeal to a home. According to HomeLight’s second-quarter 2019 survey of real estate agents, 76% of the top real estate agents nationwide agreed that improving curb appeal is the number one step a homeowner can take to boost their home’s marketability. Some experts suggest that good landscaping can add 20% to your home’s value by boosting your curb appeal and adding a functional outdoor space to enjoy. There you have it, a simple clean up of your landscape can be enough to increase your resale value!


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Hiring a professional

Hiring a professional is also a cost that needs to be factored into your budget. In our opinion, materials and labor are the most important elements to consider. That is where you should be spending your money: in quality materials that will hold up over time and in an experienced landscape professional that will bring your vision to life! The price of a yard renovation varies with the complexities or challenges of a design. For example, landscape designs that require installing water features, retaining walls, and hardscaping projects that require a more trained eye and expertise will cost more. If you want original cuts and mosaics for your patio, that will also cost you more. Additionally, the size of your yard will determine the cost. In fact, the higher the square footage, the higher the cost! However, as we’ve previously stated, quality materials and labor are what will transform your landscape vision into a valuable investment over time. With so many landscape companies out there, it can be difficult to know who to pick. For that reason, we’ve designed a Concierge service that filters landscape companies in your area and pairs you with one that fits your needs and your price range! Discover the service here!

We designed tools to help you pull off your landscape project without a hitch! Our Backyard Planning Guide is a step-by-step guide that walks you through the renovation process. We also have our estimation tool that gives you an estimate for your landscape project!



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