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By Julie Dionne • May 3, 2019

How to Spruce Up Your Yard with Landscape Lighting



Have you ever driven past a house at night that was so beautifully lit, you kept looking back at it? Ever wished that house was yours?

Of course you have. We all have. Some houses just have that "wow factor" in their landscape lighting.

You've probably thought that the owners of these homes must be made out of money and that there is no possible way your house could ever look that beautiful.

But that is simply not true at all. You can light your yard without paying exorbitant amounts of money.

Read on to learn a few of the many ways you can enhance the outside of your home to create a better experience for your neighbours, your guests, and your family.

Why Landscape Lighting?

Studies have shown that updating your landscaping can increase your property value up to 11%. One of the best ways to do that is by improving the lighting of your yard.
Adding lighting to your landscape gives you more creative freedom in the design of your outdoor spaces.
You can enhance the beauty and the overall experience of your landscape with even the simplest of lighting tricks.

Lighting can add many improvements to your yard such as:

  • Simply show off some of the more beautiful parts of your yard design
  • Add character and flavor to your yard
  • Even affect the mood of your guests and passers-by

You paid good money and put in hard work to get your yard looking so good, you should show it off regardless of the time of day!


Setting the Mood

A key benefit of lighting your landscape is the ability to create the mood you prefer for your outdoor home experience.

According to HGTV, "A soft mood can be achieved by hiding landscape lighting under shrubs."

Other ways of using lighting to affect the mood of your yard include:

  • Enhancing water features with a spotlight
  • Softly lighting your pond around its perimeter
  • Using blue tinted lights to create a moonlight-type mood in your garden
  • Using other colored lights to set the mood in different ways (warmer colors for warmer moods, etc.)

Mood lighting can enhance any yard experience for both owner and guest.


Choosing Your Landscape Lighting

Whether you choose from a landscape catalog, a Google image search, or Pinterest, there are many great images to pull inspiration from.

A great tip for selecting a design is to first determine the mood or experience you hope to create with your lighting. What is the goal?

Once you've determined this and chosen a design, you will need to determine what kinds of lights are required for your design.

You can find a great list of options here.

Good Luck Lighting!

All that remains is purchasing your lights and setting them up within your landscape!

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