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Medium sized backyard ideas to enhance your living space

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Looking for medium sized backyard ideas? Here are a few ways to create a stylish makeover while maximizing the use of your square footage.

1. Opt for multi-functional features

A great landscape idea for medium sized backyards is opting for a fire pit that doubles up as a table. At night, you get to enjoy a warm ambiance by the flickering flames and during the day, you can place a lid on top of the fire pit so that the unit can be used as a patio table.

If you want to add seating while making the most out of your space, you may want to consider choosing a few small furniture pieces, or opting for a integrated seating wall to make your medium sized backyard look less crowded. For example, picking a 2-seater bench with a small table will make your space look elegant while remaining functional.

2. Create a vertical garden 

Growing plants while saving space is easier than you think. Add a few vertical planters to grow your favorite veggies and herbs or invest in vining plants to add an element of greenery in your  medium sized backyard. When vining plants are grown on vertical supports, rather than allowed to sprawl on the ground, they take up less room and allow you to make use of space where you normally wouldn’t grow anything such as walls or fences. It’s a great medium size backyard idea if you get limited sunlight so that you can strategically position your planters where you do get sun, such as in your driveway or hanging from a balcony. They are also easier to maintain since weeds and soilborne diseases are rare.  

3. Install a small dipping pool 

Having a medium sized backyard doesn't mean that you can’t have a pool. Instead of installing a full-sized swimming pool, you can keep refreshed on those hot summer days by opting for a small dipping pool. They are perfect for lounging and relaxing and offer a level of intimacy that large pools don’t provide. They are also easier to maintain and a great starting point if you want to teach your kids how to swim. Got a long narrow yard? Explore the medium sized backyard idea of incorporating a modern lap pool in which you can exercise or float in. 



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4. Create a multi-functional backyard 

The beauty of working with a medium-sized backyard is that you can create an environment that serves you during the day and in the evening. If you love to host parties and entertain, you can build a custom kitchen and dining area that is perfect for summer barbecues with friends and family. Make sure to incorporate elements that fit your style and needs to create the perfect day set up. If you prefer a more relaxing environment, consider adding lounge chairs or investing in a pool to create the backyard oasis of your dreams.

For a cozy night set up, add an element of fire by installing a fire pit or fireplace. No matter which route you decide to take, be sure to not overpopulate your backyard with too many medium backyard ideas. Choosing only a few elements will make your space feel less crowded and look more sophisticated. 

5. Install a raised patio  

Choose a medium sized backyard design that will make your entire family happy by installing a raised patio that will leave room for your kids to play on the ground level. This allows you to have a space to incorporate a swing set or a pool for your children to enjoy while you can host dinner parties or barbecues on the raised portion of your yard. The best part of opting for a raised patio is that it creates a family-friendly environment, maximizes the use of your medium sized backyard, and helps define areas. 

6. Incorporate a fire pit  

Fire pits are a great element that you can enjoy all year long. Create a custom fire pit or choose from our pre-packaged kits to establish a warm and inviting ambiance. You can also install a curved bench around your fire pit to make the most out of your medium sized backyard and add a touch of design. If you’re looking for a high-quality fire pit with a long-burning flame that you can ignite with the push of a button, check out our Warming Trends burners. 


Ready to start designing your backyard makeover?  

Download our backyard planning guide to get the latest tips on how to plan for a backyard landscape renovation.



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